Yonex Voltric Z Force Vs Yonex Arcsaber 11: Which One Should You Choose?

Both Voltric Z force and Arcsaber 11 have unique features. These two are quite good for beginners, especially those who play doubles.

But it can get quite confusing to choose the best one from these two. For this reason, here we gather the details of these products. Hope this will help you.

So, let’s get to the details.

Key Specifications:

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2
YONEX Arcsaber 11

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SpecificationYonex Voltric Z ForceYONEX Arcsaber 11
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MaterialCarbonCarbon Fiber, Graphite
Skill LevelAdvancedAdvanced
Grip4 1/2 inches3-3/8 inches
Stringw NG98,  24lbsBG-65 (Custom Strung)
FlexExtra StiffStiff
ShaftTRI-VOLTAGE systemH.M. Graphite, Ultra PEF
Dimensions28 x 9 x 1.1 inches67.99 x 22.99 x 2.99 inches
Weight8.51 grams110 grams

Yonex Voltric Z Force Vs Arcsaber 11: Key Differences

Though there are some slight differences between Yonex Voltric Z Force vs Arcsaber 11, they both have almost the same features. The key differences between them are given below:

  1. The Yonex Voltric Z Force has 4 1/2 inches of grip whereas the Arcsaber 11 has 3-3/8 inches of grip.
  2. Voltric Z Force has strings that are made of w NG98 and weigh 24 Lbs but Arcsaber 11’s string is made of BG-65 which is open for customization.
  3. The thin shaft of Voltric Z Force has a TRI-VOLTAGE system, on the other hand, Arcsaber 11’s shaft is made of H.M. Graphite which has Ultra PEF.
  4. The frame of the Voltric Z Force is made of HM Graphite and Nanometric tubes whereas Arcsaber 11 includes sonic metal with HM Graphite and Neo CS Carbon Nanometric tubes.
  5. The Arcsaber 11 is heavier than the Voltric Z Force. Arcsaber 11 weighs around 110 grams, on the other hand, Voltric Z Force weighs around 8.51 grams.
Yonex Voltric Z Force Vs Yonex Arcsaber 11

Head To Head Comparison: Voltric Z Force Vs Arcsaber 11


Voltric Z Force: Racquets are not just made of any metal. The Voltric Z Force is made of carbon with flat exchanges. Carbon helps this racket to be well balanced by adding strong weight to the strength ratio. It gives the advantages of faster speed, accuracy, and durability.

Arcsaber 11: The Arcsaber 11 is made of carbon fiber and Graphite which helps the racket to have better strength at higher tension situations without much risk. As the pure form of carbon, graphite makes the racket more stable which doesn’t react against other elements. This prevents the racket from damaging.

Verdict: For a higher risk situation and better strength, you should go with Arcsaber 11. Also, the graphite in it makes it harder to damage.


Voltric Z Force: People usually choose a larger grip on the handle. Voltric Z Force has a 4 1/2 inches grip, which is quite larger than other rackets. The larger grip of Z force provides a stronger grip on the handle which helps in smashing.

Arcsaber 11: Arcsaber 11 has a 3-3/8-inch grip which is shorter than Voltric Z force. Normally, grip size depends on the choice of the individual. For this reason, some people also chose a shorter grip on the handle.

Verdict: If you want a stronger grip for smashing, you can choose Voltric Z Force. The larger grip is quite helpful for smashing.


Voltric Z Force: The powerful Voltric Z Force is made of HM Graphite and Nanometric tubes which helps the shot go faster according to your wish. The frame comes with an extremely strong stiff with a TRI-VOLTAGE system. And if you hit the edge of the frame, you can also get a lot of power for the shot.

Arcsaber 11: Arcsaber 11’s shaft is made of H.M. Graphite and Neo CS Carbon Nanometric tubes with Ultra PEF. This stiff shaft has sonic metal in the frame which prevents extra vibration. And the Neo CS Carbon helps the flex on impacts with strong control.

Verdict: For strong control, you may choose Arcsaber 11. The stiff staff's sonic metal gives it the advantage of preventing extra vibration.


Voltric Z Force: Voltric Z Force weights around 8.51 grams which is quite lighter than the Arcsaber 11. This light racket is quite easy to use. It has the quality to move faster which helps to react quickly.

Arcsaber 11:Arcsaber 11 weights around 110 grams. Which is quite heavy. The heavier rackets contain more power and control. It helps to swing faster. The heavy rackets are usually used by professionals or advanced players, requiring more power behind the ball.

Verdict: If you are an advanced player then you can choose Arcsaber 11. And as for newcomers, it will be better to choose Voltric Z Force.



As you can see, these two rackets of Yonex have an almost similar quality, which is quite affordable too. You can choose according to your preferred quality. But if you compare the differences, it will be better to choose Arcsaber 11.

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 will not disappoint you.

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