What Is The One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?

Hunting is always enjoyable but risky at the same time. An elevated stand for hunting refers to a temporary stand placed above from the ground. It is the most popular way to hunt white-tailed deer with a bow and arrow. The uses of the elevated stand have become increasingly popular nowadays with both bow hunters and firearm hunters. But, is it safe hunting from an elevated stand? What is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand in the first place? Well, these are too important questions that you must know before building your own elevated stand.

Through hunting on an elevated stand, you will be able to find a whole new angle. It may seem difficult to build and hunt from an elevated stand but trust me, it is not so difficult. Hunters have been using elevated stands for a long time. But, besides having certain advantages, they also have some drawbacks, including a degree of risk.

Types Of Elevated Stands For Hunting

Tree stand and tripod box hunting stand are the most used elevated stand for hunting. Here are the two types detailed below-

Tree Stand

A tree stand is a kind of open or enclosed platform for hunters, secured to trees for elevating the hunters and giving them a better vantage point. They are basically for deer hunting so, the other name of a tree stand is deer stand. According to the design, strategy, and advantage, there are different types of tree stands. Here is the list of three portable tree stands

#1. Climbing Stand

The climbing tree stand is a two-part hunting stand, the bottom part is the standing platform and the top is the seat. A strap connects the two parts, so if the bottom falls the platform won’t fall to the ground. It is packable and lightweight and so considered as a mobile bow hunter’s best friend.

choosing trees is very important to set up a climbing stand because the use is limited to specific trees. Tall and straight trees without two trunks and excessive branches like maples and oaks are ideal for climbing tree stand.

Climbing Stand

#2. Ladder Stand

A ladder tree stand is a stand with a seat and platform along with the ladder for climbing up into the stand. Ladder stands are permanent because of its big size and the moving inability of the woods. They are more stable than the other tree stands. It is also easier to use. Hunters can use this stand, alone or with a partner.

Ladder Stand

#3. Hanging Stand

Hanging stands are a kind of ladder stand but without a ladder. It is also stationary. Hunters have to connect a hanging stand to the tree with chains or cables at the desired height. They use a separate ladder or climbing sticks for climbing up into the stand. Sometimes they use screw in steps in the tree for climbing as well.

A Portable Tree Stand
A Portable Tree Stand

Tripod Box Stand

Box stands are large enclosed platform placed on a tripod stand that exactly looks like a shed. Most of the stands are designed with plywood walls and flooring with a wood or metal roof. It can be built on different height and hunters use ladders or steps to get in the box. The box saves hunters from rain or bad weather and keeps invisible from the game. The edge of fields is the ideal place to build a box stand so that you can see long distances.

A Tripod Box Stand
A Tripod Box Stand

What Is One Advantage Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?

Now, the most important point, one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand.

At first, an elevated stand offers hunters to have a wider field of vision so that they can spot the game even better as compared to hunting in the field. Since the hunters can detect the game earlier, they get more time to prepare and take the right position to shoot.

Another advantage of being on an elevated stand is that the prey won’t be able to see you and smell your scent.

Box stand offers temporary shelter from the rain and cold weather. It also keeps your hunting gear and other accessories.

That’s how an elevated stand gives you more opportunity to spot and shoot your game correctly without being hurt or detected by the game.

How To Hunt Safely From An Elevated Stand?

Hunting from an elevated stand is risky as well. So, a hunter should follow some safety rules while hunting from an elevated stand.

  • Make sure that your elevated stand is strong enough to avoid any accident.
  • Always use a tree stand during the daytime.
  • Select the right tree for tree stands. Before building a tree stand, make sure that it’s able to bear the weight of the stand and hunter as well. Keep a hand axe to cut the excessive branches of the tree.
  • Always wear hunting safety equipment from the moment of climbing into an elevated stand.
  • Wear a fall-arrest system or full body harness which is the safest device to us while climbing a tree or in a tree stand.
  • Always carry a first aid kit in your bag.

Safety is the most important fact that you must maintain it properly. Be careful and stay alert always.

Precautions While Hunting From An Elevated Stand

Besides having a lot of advantage, there is also some disadvantage that you should bear in mind. Such as-

  • It can increase the chances of injury as there are huge chances of falling if you remain careless.
  • Portable tree stands are difficult to carry everywhere. It is also difficult and time-consuming to install the stand on the right tree.
  • If you don’t wear proper cloth, you won’t be able to face the heavy wind and cold weather.
  • You won’t get much space to move. In fact, you won’t be able to stand up if you are on a climbing or hanging tree stand.

In spite of having some disadvantages, elevated stands are so ideal for hunting. They save hunters from wild carnivorous animals and increase the possibilities of spotting and shooting the desired game correctly.

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