What Is The Difference Between Clay And Grass Tennis Courts

The tennis courts have different categories. One is the grass court and the other is the clay court. People play in both these courts, but when you are playing on a higher level, you need to make a decision and be good in either one of them. Do, you know what is the difference between clay and grass tennis courts?

When beginners are starting out, they do not have a lot of ideas for the types and the categories of the courts. They need guidance. Moreover, when you pick a certain type of court you need to be prepared accordingly. You will need the tennis shoe for clay court if you decide to play in the clay court and vice Versa.

In addition to this, people also need to have other accessories depending on the court they choose to play in. So, here is a full discussion to clear all your confusion regarding the difference between the clay court and grass court below. We will try to help you know and learn if you are a new player.

Grass Tennis Court

Grass courts are common for tennis, volleyball, and football. However, if we talk about tennis alone, the grass tennis courts are decreasing. Do you know why? The tennis courts made of grass are good for the players, similarly, the players feel better while playing on the grass. However, the maintenance of these courts is not the best. It will take time to mow, clean, and dry. In addition to this, when it rains, it is difficult to play on the grass tennis courts.

Moreover, when you are playing tennis, there are a lot of aspects that you need to consider. On grass court, the amount of grass and the mowing of it matters a lot. Also, the bounce of the balls poses a huge difference. If the grass-court has multiple players and games that have been played on it, it will also make a difference.

One thing that the people like about the grass courts is that the grass on the hard soil makes the game even better. Because playing on the grass court with hard soil is a lot easier and better. However, because of the high maintenance, the grass tennis courts have been lessening. The grass tennis courts have a lower bounce, but the pace of it is faster. This is another reason that the grass tennis court favors the player most.

Clay Tennis Court

Clay court is made from red bricks. You can find and see them in the French Opens. However, these courts are not recommended for beginners. The three main characteristics of the Clay court are that the clay court reduces the pace and increases the bounce of the tennis balls. It also slows down the ball and the skid of it is also reduced. So, if you are a player, that does not hit the ball hard, you may not be the right one for the clay court.

The clay court is great for the people who have a hard hit and spin the ball. This makes it easier for the opponent to return the ball and play.

The clay tennis court is different from the grass tennis court. The grass one has a soft surface however, the clay court surface is hard and the bounce for the ball is a lot more. So, when you are playing in the clay tennis court, you must have the clay court tennis shoes.

These tennis shoes for clay courts are there to provide you the ultimate support and grip that you are looking for. It will also help to perform better in the game. So, make the best choice when you are looking for clay court tennis shoes.

Moreover, these clay courts are commonly available in the South African region. The color of it is based on the sand or clay that is used. Also, these are the cheaper tennis courts that can be made easily. However, the maintenance needs to careful and precise. There should not be any water on the clay court. If it is raining, you need to manage the water as possible. Also, this tennis court needs to be rolled frequently, because of the sand. The line paints are also frequent.


Both of these tennis courts are of different types and have different specifications. However, if you are a beginner, you should make a decision according to your capability. If you are playing it for fun; there is no restriction. However, if you are trying to be a profession and have the perfect training for the tennis, you need to choose according to your capability. Now you know the difference between the clay and grass tennis court. So, it will be easier for you to decide which court is perfect for your tennis playing.

Also, when you finally decide which one you need, you need to get the perfect accessories. Or else, you will end up not playing and giving your best shot to tennis.

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