What Is The Hunter’s Role In Wildlife Conservation?

Wildlife generally refers to undomesticated animal species and organisms that grow or live in their birthplace naturally. We can find them in all ecosystems, deserts, forests, rain forests, plains, grasslands, and other areas, even the most developed urban areas. Wild animals are carnivorous or herbivorous or omnivorous or insectivorous according to their food habit. Man has been in a great interest in wildlife since ancient times. Scientists have been working effortlessly to know the characteristics, habitat, food habit, etcetera of the wild animals.

But, it’s a matter of great sorrow that the global wildlife population is decreasing day by day. According to the World Wildlife Fund report, the global wildlife population decreased by 52% between 1972 and 2014 and the main cause for this disaster was human activities.

Wildlife is an asset to any country. So, they need more attention and observation than anything else.

Why Wildlife Conservation Is Important?

Conservation means protecting and wildlife conservation refers to protecting animal species and their habitat. Endangered species comes first in the priority list of wildlife conservation as their existence is in a great threat…!

The importance of wildlife is beyond description. Many people earn their livelihood from wildlife. Hunters hunt wild animals professionally or recreationally. On the other hand, wildlife is essential for maintaining the ecological balance of the earth. Without them, our ecosystem will crash soon.

Considering this need, no doubt that the conservation of wildlife is in great demand. Otherwise, modern civilization will hamper hugely.

How To Save Wildlife

How To Save Wildlife?

Wildlife population is at great risk by habitat destruction, and rising demand for wildlife products has led to huge poaching and trafficking. This is high time; we all should try to save our wildlife from our own space like-

  • Join the conservation community and attend their meeting, rally, and programs. If possible, donate some funds as your capacity.
  • If you are a writer, write about wildlife to increase social awareness.
  • Sometimes visit a national park for supporting the wildlife economy and promoting sustainable tourism.
  • Say “No” to the illegal wildlife parts and products and try to convenience others to do the same.
  • Reduce the uses of carbon and chemicals to keep forests, wildlife, and oceans healthy and intact.
  • Don’t cut trees indiscriminately because deforestation is the main reason for the habitat destruction of the wild animals.
  • Utilize the power of social media to spread the importance of wildlife conservation and increase social awareness.

What Is The Hunter’s Role In Wildlife Conservation?

A hunter is a person who hunts wild animals professionally or just for recreation. You must have been wondering, how is this possible? How can a hunter help in wildlife conservation? Well, it’s true. A hunter plays a vital role in wildlife conservation. Now, the question is how. Here is the answer below-

  1. Wildlife is a renewable natural resource that increases by the geometrical pace. Hunters help to control the wildlife population at a healthy balance for the habitat. Regulated hunting never permits for hunting endangered species. Thus, regulated hunters help to keep the balance of the ecosystem.
  2. Scientists, Organizations, etcetera need information, number prediction, and samples for their research and statistical report. Hunters help them by providing all the items. So, we have to admit that hunting is a good wildlife management tool that is led by the hunters.
  3. Hunters fill out questionnaires and participate in surveys. That’s how we can know about wildlife without visiting personally. They have introduced different wild animals to us. Modern civilization will be grateful to them always.
  4. Funding from hunting licenses has helped many endangered species recover from decreasing populations.
  5. There is a life risk all the time while hunting. Wild carnivorous animals are so dangerous. Hunters take life risks and collect the samples from the harvested animals. The sample helps DNA sequencing, gene cloning, genetic engineering, and so on.

That’s how hunters play a role in wildlife conservation and help us create a connection between wildlife and modern civilization. They spend more time, money, and effort on wildlife conservation than anyone else.

What Should A Hunter Follow While Hunting?

Unregulated hunting can’t help wildlife conservation. So, the hunters must follow some rules of hunting. Such as-

  • Don’t hunt endangered species for more money. Hunt only approved species.
  • Help the government in completing surveys and statistics.
  • Try to provide the asked sample from one. Don’t kill more for no reason.
  • Don’t collect eggs or seeds without any reason.
  • Always try to provide accurate information to all.

What Should The Government Do?

The government’s support is very important for wildlife conservation. Without taking serious initiatives, the wildlife population will decrease rapidly. So, the government should take steps given below to save wildlife-

  • Social awareness must be increased. The public should realize the importance of wildlife conservation and stop hunting wild animals indiscriminately. The government can arrange different programs, meetings etcetera for increasing social awareness.
  • Arranging training and courses for hunters can be a fruitful step. It will make the hunters more experienced and organized.
  • Financial support is very important. The government should allot a fund for the hunters. By this, they will show more interest in hunting.
  • Hunting equipment like hunting boots, safety wearers, hunting weapons, layout blinds, knives, hunting-scope, Long range scope, needs to be available and budget-friendly. The government can allot this equipment free as well.
  • The process of getting a license for hunting weapons is very complicated. If the government lessens the requirements for the license, more people will show interest in hunting.
  • The endangered species must be pointed. The government should make a chart of endangered species and inform the hunters not to hunt them at any cost.
  • The government should declare a rule of punishment for the corrupt hunters who hunt forbidden species illegally.

The government should help and motivate the hunters in all ways possible. As much as the government will be conscious, the goal of wildlife conservation will be succeeded.

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To Sum Up

Although hunting and conserving are two different words, hunting helps in wildlife conservation and so hunters play a role in wildlife conservation. Their hard work and dedication has introduced us to the wildlife and made us realize the importance of wildlife conservation. Their performance in wildlife conservation is really praiseworthy.

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