Tennis Lessons For Kids : How To Start?

Tennis is a sport that has been played and celebrated as a sport all around the world and is in fact ranked as the fourth most played sport in the world by approximately one billion people. Being a popular sport that it is, followed by many celebrated international players of the national tennis tournaments, many get inspired and try their hands on this particular sport. Some take it seriously and pursue and sometimes even make a career out of it, and others play, just for the fun and joy it gives to them.

Regardless of whichever case it is, undoubtedly it is a sport which all of us should try every once in a while, to have the experience, and if not for that, for the health benefits that it provides us with, such as, stabilizing our heart rates and blood pressure, increasing the density and fitness of the bones, improved metabolism and of course, toning down the body..

Tennis Lessons for Kids

Tennis Lessons For Kids : How To start?

If you are thinking of getting your kid into tennis, starting early would be a wise decision. If they start early, not only will they enjoy the game, but as they grow up they will be able to figure out what they would want out of it and act accordingly later on. And until that moment comes, you can just go along with the beneficial part of the sport and also the part where your kid is being active and learning to play an international sport.

Here Are A Few Tips For You If You Are Thinking About How To Start Tennis Lessons For Kids

There are actually levels, that you eventually pass in this sport and once you pass one level you go to the next one. Similar to the karate level. Usually the levels are, Red (for kids under the age of eight), Orange (under eight to ten year olds), and finally Green (for ten years and above).

Different institutions or tennis training programs might have different terms for this level, but the age group and criteria are pretty much the same. These particularly designed programs are from “Giammalva Racquet Club”.

Tennis Lessons for Kids : How to start?

The red program is for beginners and starts with the absolute basics of tennis. They usually have in thirty six inches court using red tennis balls along with twenty three inches racquets. This program is designed to “just play” as you go whilst making the body flexible slowly for the coming challenges and encouraging their interests.

In the Orange program, the court size is sixty inches and the racquet size is twenty five inches with orange balls. On a more advanced level of the orange program is the ZAT level that prepares players who are taking part in tournament level or are at least willing to do so. They get to train and also get feedback from coaches through evaluation and training. Sometimes these pieces of training take place outside of the hometown as well.

And lastly the green program, that is played on seventy two inches court with regular, or shorter sized racquet using the green ball. Again, this program also has an advanced level with the same facilities as the orange program.

These three specialized programs were taken from “Giammalva Racquet Club”.and that is how the process with the progress of learning tennis lessons for kids.

However, if you are determined that you are going to make your child active in sports and particularly in tennis, you might try out different things too from an early period. For example, when they are really young, just to develop curiosity and making them physically active other than just playing and running around, buy them the toys resembling with tennis equipment. Buy your kid a pair of soft tennis shoes along with a tennis ball and mini sized racquets.

They will start playing and will be eager to learn more about them. Moreover, watch tennis on television with your kid. If they watch the show and through visualization, they will be able to relate to their toys and this will definitely boost their energy and level of interest. Kids of this age are always picking up things from everywhere and from everything they see. They will follow everything you do and watch and in this way, your first attempt to get them into the sport will be done.

best tennis lessons for kidsWhen they have grown up a little, and kids who are under the age group of five to ten, is the ideal age to start the real training, and if you are not a tennis player, or do not know how to play, probably getting them into a school would not be a bad idea. Because by this time, they are already familiar with the game and are adapted to the idea of a sport, in this case, tennis. When and if they are admitted to a tennis school, or are learning from the guardian, their bodies will start reciprocating slowly. The hand and leg movements along with the balance between the hands and eyes whilst throwing the ball.

Under age group of ten to fourteen, if you haven’t already signed your kid up with a training school, and if you think that it may be too much of a commitment then there are alternatives as well. For example, if there are the unavailability of courts, you can always set up an arrangement at your backyard, at a park or even in a field and have a friendly match. If they generated the interest in the game by this time, or are getting interested recently, it would be a great deal.

Teenage is also a good time to start trying their hands on tennis because by this age, they will be able to handle the regular and standard sized tennis racquets and they are already at the conventional stage of their lives. If they start playing, soon they will know if they want to keep playing, and what do they want out of this.

The main thing about this whole idea of giving tennis lessons for kids is to simply have fun. Because, it is a sport after all, and having fun is the core idea of it. And the rest will fall into places with time and training.

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