How To Set Up Badminton Net? [Indoor-Outdoor Badminton Net Setup Guides]

Today there are a lot of badminton sets you will find on online marketplaces. These sets come up with a portable badminton net which is really so easy to set up.

In this article, we are talking about the portable badminton net set up with foldable telescopic poles.

Before diving into the deep explanation, we should make it clear to you that the indoor badminton net and the outdoor badminton net are almost the same to set up. But there is also a simple difference.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Badminton Net Sets?

Outdoor Badminton Net Sets

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The main difference between them is the additional supporting system. To set up the net in the backyard or other open places where the wind blows, the net set requires wires or some accessories for more stabilization. But, an indoor net set doesn’t require any accessories to stabilize it.

That’s the reason you should buy a badminton net considering the court. If you want to play in open places, would be your backyard, you can buy a net set with guy wires and ground stakes for supporting the stands. Some outdoor net sets come up with T-Shaped stands or poles and some have poles with skates for inserting into the ground.

There are also pop-up badminton net sets with a central weight-based stand and suitable for the indoor game!

Setting Up Badminton Net

We already have mentioned that indoor and outdoor badminton net sets have a difference. And that is-indoor net requires no additional support and outdoor requires support for extra stabilization.

All other features are broadly common otherwise. So, the steps are also almost the same! Let’s know them.

Prepare The Badminton Court

It is the first step you should do carefully. Set up the badminton court correctly and make sure that the borders are accurate in measurement. Here is the full guideline you can follow to set up a badminton court properly: how to set up a badminton court.

Then in the middle of the court, you have to place your net set.

Assemble The Poles

Depending on the pole style, pole setup is different. We will write on almost all types of pole setup here.


If your net set has bottom poles for attaching the net stand of both sides, then adjust them first. All the telescopic poles can be adjusted by pushing a pole into another. Assemble the net stand poles just by pushing one into another and fit with the T-shaped foot. In the same way, assemble the net stand of another side.

Type: 2

Some of the net set has no bottom foot rather they come with two stands for fixing with the ground. If you have any of these, then just push a pole into another and insert a stake into the ground.

Then pull the net taut to measure the distance from one pole to another and determine where the second pole will be. Now, insert the second pole there into the ground.

Type: 3

Today, the pop-up badminton net is also popular among casual players. It comes up with a center-weighted-based foot for supporting the whole net.

If you buy this one, then assemble the foot first and attach the center poles with both feet. Like other badminton net sets, it also has separable poles. Fit them with each other by pushing one into another.

You are done here and jump into the next step!

Tie Up The Net

Now, it’s time to tie the net. You will find eye-bolts or loops with the stand. At first, tie the upper part of the net at the top of the pole and tie the lower part later. Then, after tying up the net at one side, in the same way, tie it at another side of the net stand.

Some net stand poles have neither loops nor eyebolts. The net has pockets on both sides. Just insert the top of the pole into the pocket. Thus, fit the opposite part of the net with the pole.

The height of the net at the center should be 5 feet and over the pole, the height should be 5 feet 1 inch. It’s a standard measurement.

Stake For Additional Support

You are almost done! The last step is not mandatory for the surrounding areas where the wind doesn’t blow. But if you play in an open place, for additional support, you must stake net stands (or pole; whatever you say) of both sides down with wires and ground stakes.

But we always suggest you give support in both cases.

At the top of the pole, you will find holes with the net taut or with the pole. Just tie the guy wires there and secure both poles with the ground with ground stakes.

You are done!


Setting up a badminton net is not tricky. In this article, we have just tried to give you an idea. There are a lot of badminton net sets with different models and styles. Depending on the model and style, the processes are almost the same.

Some guys set up the net in their own ways. For example, many players tie the net with the top of the pole and then insert the poles into the ground. There is no difference actually.

So, you can try your own way, and have more fun with badminton!

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