How To Set Up A Badminton Court

If you are a very new badminton gamer and just learning about this crazy game, then you may not know how to set up a badminton court. Right?

Don’t concern yourself at all. It is very typical for newbies! Rather keep reading this article carefully.

In this article, you will find a complete guideline on how to set up a badminton court so easily from selection to setup.

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How To Set Up A Badminton Court

How To Set Up A Badminton Court

Select A Place

A right place selection is important for playing badminton because a wrong selection can ruin your enjoyment seriously.

So, there are some points you have to make consider while selecting a place. Here are the points below:

  • Try to select a wider space. Small spaces have some limitations for playing badminton.
  • If the selected space is in your backyard, make sure that the shuttlecock won’t go over the fence. It spoils the time of fun.
  • If the place is grassy, make sure that the grass is not so big or so small. If they are bigger, then mow it.
  • The sand or rubble place should be plain for easy steps.
  • You must avoid slippery surfaces. If you have to play on a hard surface, then make it non-slippery first.

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Make Boundaries

Now you are on the most crucial step- Drawing Boundaries. Here you have to maintain the measurement of the boundaries. Depending on the players the court size matters. To say it easier, the size of a singles badminton court is different from a doubles badminton court. Here is the size chart below:

Type / SizeSingles courtDoubles Court
Length44 Feet Long44 Feet Long
Width17 Feet Width20 Feet Width

Now you can draw the border with chalk or paint for both court types. Some players draw lines with strings, too. Here we are going to make boundaries for both so that you can enjoy both types depending on the situation.

  • At first make the outermost lines for the doubles badminton court by 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.
  • Now divide the court into two equal parts just by drawing a middle line from the one utmost line. That means, measure 22 feet from the one utmost line vertically and draw a line along the width for the net post. Thus you will find two sections on both sides.
  • Draw front service lines on both sides of the court. It is 6’ 6” inches (6.5 feet) from the middle line.
  • Make the back service lines on both sides vertically. It will be 2’6” inch (2.5 feet) from the end utmost lines.
  • After making the service lines (both front and back), you will find 13 feet long service courts on both sides of the net. Now just divide the service courts into two equal parts. Each court will be 10 feet in width.
  • Take 1’6” inch (1.5 feet) from the vertical outermost lines to draw the slide lines on both sides. Excluding slide lines, the service court is 17 feet wide which is for the singles badminton players.

Now you are done. While playing singles badminton, you just have to exclude the slide lines. For doubles badminton, include them.

Here is a picture of a court. Follow this structure and make a court. It’s simple!

Badminton Court size

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Buy A Badminton Net

 [If you already have a badminton set and badminton net, then skip this step].

Once you select and prepare your place, then buy a badminton net. You must buy the net depending on your selected surface.

  • For the hard surface (e.g. cement or rocky ground) where it’s not possible to insert the stakes into the ground, a portable badminton net set with T-Shape pole stands is perfect. There are also some popup net sets with center-weighted-based poles. You’ll find them crescent-shaped after setting up. For additional support, lift a weight on the stand on both sides.
  • If the playground is grassy or suitable for inserting the pole into the ground, then you can pick any type of net set.

Some badminton sets come with portable badminton nets you can buy.

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Set Up Your Badminton Net

Now it’s time to set up your badminton net properly. Set the net on a particular place so that you will find a long court on both sides of the net.

As a newbie, it may feel tricky for you. So here are the guidelines for setting a badminton net. Just take a look. It’s easy!

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Drawing the court for badminton is easy. If you think about playing badminton just for having fun with friends, then make it yourself. Just remember the measurement.

That’s it, man!

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