The elk or wapiti is one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America as well as central and Northeast Asia. It’s difficult to hunt such animals for hunters who wish for the first time. If you are planning to hunt elk this season and scrolling for tips, then welcome. We are going to help you by providing tips and information about how to hunt elk.


Mapping work is the first step of hunting. Map work means finding the area to hunt, gather information of that area, weather update, characteristics of elk, make a checklist for elk hunting that you need to take along with you. Moreover, it’s called proper planning to hunt elk.


As elks are living in mountains or jungle areas, there must be lots of critical situations to face. That’s why you must be physically fit. You can now ask how you can understand if you are fit for the hunt or not?

You need to be in shape to hike at least six miles per day on rough terrain. You may have a running routine before going to hunt, exercise with weight lifts or bike riding. The more you exercise and keep your body in good condition, the better you have a chance to hunt elk in your first attempt. In the hunting area, once you get adjusted to the environment you can concentrate on the elk’s behavior and which can help you a lot for hunting. So for this, you must keep your body flexible to fit any hard situation to hunt elks.


Among other aspects of hunting, most people don’t consider this point as important. Actually, this makes a difference between your success in hunting elks and failure to get elks. Your mental ability should be strong as whether you go to the mountain, hiking or horse riding or anywhere you want to go, you should try your best to complete the task.

Yes, your attitude of doing anything or your dedication makes a stronger base to get success in hunting elks. From the first to last day of camping, days will not seem easy. After hiking the previous day, maybe you don’t want to go out of tents the next day. Here the WISH is an example of mental weakness. Due to mental weakness, you can’t finish your daily target as you can’t locate desired elks. Whatever happens with you, you should always be ready for all situations with a jolly mind.


Being fit and mentally strong is not enough for hiking. Your elk hunting boots and socks are very important weapons for your entire trip. Don’t look at the cheap boots. Find good quality boots for your journey. To hunt you must walk for a long time, running to locate elks, climbing up on high hills. All the plans can go in vain only for cheap quality unperfect boots. It may cause blisters or other injuries on your feet and may affect your hunting performance.


If you want to hunt with a bow then you must practice it for several months. You must set sights accurately to attack elk. There is no better alternative than practicing. It’s not uncommon that many hunters go hunting but back with no elk just because he can’t draw the right way to attack elks.

Another weapon you can choose is a rifle. If you want to hunt with a rifle go to the range and learn to shoot accurately. You can practice it in 40-60 yards. Generally, we can get those bull elk to between 40-60 yards or even closer.


To locate elks and to observe the behavior, characteristics of elks having a hunting scope is a must. You need to pick a long-range scope by which you can see the best view from a long distance. If you are planning to hunt with a rifle, you need a rifle scope that can give you a bright, crystal clear picture of elks. If you intend to hunt with a bow, then you have to take a rangefinder for bow hunting along with you.


Depending on the weather of your selected hunting area, choose a dress that fits you the most and be comfortable belonging to the atmosphere. Generally, most elk bow hunts begin in August. We suggest you wear lightweight wool like t-shirts because it will pull moisture off your body and keep you cool.

At the end of September and first, as the temperature drops down to the 30s, 40s, you can choose a mid-weight base outfit. You also need a rain jacket and pants in your backpack. As most elk hunting is spot and stalk, keep extra clothes so that when weather changes and rain and snow occur you can manage with changes.


 Always keep yourselves hydrated, if you don’t do this, you may experience a miserable hunt. It doesn’t mean you have to carry a big water bottle. You can have an empty water bottle and water filter with you and whenever you will find a source of water you can just fill it up then. There are a lot of water filtering systems, you can pick any of them. There are also powdered sports drinks that can be mixed with water and make your water pure.


Distance between camp and the location of elk may be so far. It’s quite impossible to come every day to the camp. After having a hard hiking and climbing day, if you don’t have enough sleep at night you can’t get a refreshing morning. The spirit to hunt may be devastated just because of not having perfect sleep. Carry a good quality shelter for hunting and sleeping gear that can protect you from rain, snowfall, away from other insects, and give you a good environment to sleep.


A guide ensures the place where you could get an elk. To become successful and have a nice experience, he helps you. The guide must be able to have cow elk call or (bugling) and learn how to blow it before arriving at camp. If you are separated during the hunt you can get your guide by simply making a cow elk call.

Here is an advice for you not to call so many times within minutes. Over calling can bring misfortune for you. When a bull bugles it’s easy to react by instant bugling or cow calling bulk.


Hunting offers a combo pack with excitement, dangers, thrills, and so on. Without proper knowledge with the shortage of equipment, you will become the prey! You must have proper control over your gun and must be a great shooter.

For this success, practice is a must. A video camera for hunting can be one of the best tools for self-teaching. Besides capturing the wildlife and exciting moments during hunting, you can record your shooting style too. Later in the free time, watching these records, you will find mistakes you made and make corrections for the next shot!

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