How to be Good at Badminton: Tips and Tricks to Up Your Game

So, you are planning on becoming a pro when it comes to playing badminton? Guess what? It’s far easier now than ten years ago.Improving in anything is simple; we just need discipline, hard-work and constancy.

Decades ago, we didn’t have internet on hand and finding any valuable information and training was almost impossible. Nowadays, with just some clicks, you can access to any more information than any before.

We have just put together this list that we’ve researched and experienced are the most essential things you have to do every single to become a pro or at least a really good player.

Let’s take a look at the list:

1. Train With Professionals

A no-brainer, if you want to become really good at anything, you need to hang up and learn from the best. That’s it, probably it won’t mean you would spend all day with them and you will become their best friends.

Instead, consider this approach; they are the best, not because they born like that, they made up to the top until becoming a pro. How? Easy, as anything you want to accomplish in this beautiful life: habits.

Habits dictate the orientation on our lives, you can definitely judge someone else life by looking at his habits.

Champions have champion’s habits and you can learn many things just by asking them a question and observing patterns of behavior you can identify and apply to your own consciousness. Also, they can be really helpful, especially with determined, driven and motivated people like probably you are.

2. Watch Your Diet

You think it’s not, but all those chips, candies and soda you eat and drink every single day impacts your performance not only on sports, in every single area of your life. If you are having a bad diet, your body will immediately let you know that you need high-quality nutrients to perform at your best, either psychically or mentally.

You can take the easy way and just take an appointment with your doctor. However, we are going to simplify the things a little and explain the surface on this nutrition plan.

Basically, you just need to replace all those processed and sugary foods with healthy, non-processed and whole foods. That way you will be improving your physique and even how your brain works in order to play better.

Eat more fruits, more vegetables, less processed food and drink lots of water.

3. Train Your Technique

The best way to improve is to master the fundamental skills of badminton. Swing, how to smash properly, the defense, playing in the front or the back of the court, and basically, everything counts.

Practice them individually, start by mastering the art of swinging. Start by watching some videos on YouTube on the right technique to strike the shuttlecock. Copy and train every single movement individually and practice them at least an hour a day.

You will see how that practice will be translated into your game on the first day. That’s the cool part of training, you start seeing results and improving your game from the first minute.

4. Invest In Better Rackets

An advanced or pro player doesn’t have just one racket.

There are plenty of rackets in the market, and all of them offer a wide range of features that will help you in every scenario. Whether you need a head-light racket, head-light racket or an even-balance racket, you need to have it because this detail is what makes differences in big matches.

Adjust to your play-style and determine which kind of rackets are the best for you and for every scene. You must need an agile, fast and lightweight head-light racket when playing on the front and doing those fast reaction times. When playing on the back of the court, the most recommended racket is a head-heavy, but you can easily play great with an even-balance racket.


5. Know Your Strength And Weaknesses

It’s really important to know in what areas of the game we are really good at, and what areas we suck.

We can master and make our strongest weapon anything in where we are good at in no time. That’s why you must be aware of your play-style and how you react in the game.

Probably you suck at shooting from the back, you probably need more power and that’s good to know. We don’t need to be afraid of our weaknesses and instead embrace them, which are the key to becoming a pro.

You can make your weaknesses into your biggest assets if you train them every single day.

6. Play Badminton As Much As You Can

As silly as it sounds, yes. The key is play as much as you can.

Everything in this life needs constancy, discipline, and hard-work because if you are not training today, your opponents are working hard to beat you up in the next match.

You need to stay focus and accept that if you want to join the best team, you need to play like if you were the best.

This is a lifestyle and sports in general, demands to sacrifice lots of things to win huge rewards.

7. Don’t Quit And Don’t Surrender

Badminton is part of life, and life demands constant battle to keep moving forward. You never should surrender against any situation.

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Conclusion:  What Does It Take To Be Good At Badminton?

Any sport like badminton requires good habits, discipline, and hard work to be good. We have listed down all the steps you need to take to become really good at badminton and now you know it all.

Remember that every day is a new day, and every day is a new opportunity to improve a becoming a better version of ourselves.

Luckily you, you are living in probably the best time ever. You’ve got all the tools, information and technology to make everything possible, don’t stop dreaming.

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