Hunting is the activity of tracking wild animals for food or sporting purpose. It is an enjoyable activity and dangerous at the same time. Wild animals are ferocious and forests are full of snakes, insects, and weeds. In this case, hunting safety equipment is a must like a safety jacket, hunting boot, safety weapons, first-aid kits etcetera.

If you are fresh in hunting, you should know many things before hunting. First, you should read the safety manual or do a hunting safety course. Then it’s time to get the hunting equipment according to your hunting place and prey. All the equipment is important but weapons and hunting boots matter a lot for hunters.

What Is A Hunter Boot?

The boot is a type of footwear covering the foot, ankle, and even the knee or hip. It protects our feet from harm and injury. Rubber and leather are the common materials used traditionally. But modern boots are made from a variety of materials. There are many types and sizes available in the market depending on hunting types and hunter’s feet size. But it is difficult to fit a hunter boot properly in your feet. You must follow some tips and tricks for wearing a hunting boot so that it fits well.

Types of Hunting Boots

Hunting bootis one of the most important equipment for hunting. The types of hunting boots depend on the place, weather, and prey. Here are some types described below, that will help you to know how hunter boots fit and what type is suitable for you.


Mountain Hunting Boots

This type of boots is specially designed for climbing. Most of the mountain hunting boots have a high collar that keeps all portions of the ankles shielded safely. The durable leather surrounded by a rubber sole prevents slippage while hiking or climbing. They are comparatively light and help to move faster. Specialized mountain hunting boots are also available for sensitive and flat feet.

How Do They Fit

The lacing system of mountain hunting boots is very easy for the user. You can adjust the lace according to your liking and feet size and it won’t get loose.

Insulated Rain Hunting Boots

Insulated rain hunting boots are totally waterproof because of its durable rubber and suitable for hunting in a rainforest, lake, or river. It keeps the user’s feet dry and comfortable. The high collar of the shoe protects the upper portion of the leg as well. Foamed boots are also suitable for winter.

How Do They Fit

Insulated rain boots are quite difficult to fit. You shouldn’t order them by seeing only pictures. If you are between sizes, it’s wise to go down a half size.

Insulated Winter Hunting Boots

It’s a rubber or leather constructed hunting boots that have a cushioned foot-bed that prevents cold and gives supportive comfort. They are sometimes waterproof also. The full fur line coverage keeps warm and cozy. You must need a winter boot for hunting in arctic areas as the temperature always remains under minus.

How Do They Fit

Insulated winter hunting boot doesn’t fit 100%. It fits 80-85% depending on the user’s fit.

Elk Hunting Boots

Elk hunting boots are quite similar to mountain hunting boots. They offer high stability and traction. Somehow successful hunting depends on how much your boot keeps your feet dry, warm, odorless, and comfortable. This type of hunting boot is so durable and their lightweight construction is just perfect for hunting on all terrains in all weather conditions.

How Do They Fit

If your boot doesn’t fit, you are going to experience a miserable hunting time. If the boot is too loose, your feet will be cold and imbalance very soon. On the other hand, if your boot is too tight, it can hamper your feet’s blood circulation. So, always pick a middle size that isn’t too loose or too tight.

Field Hunting Boots

The common materials for field hunting boots are durable leather, nylon, and mesh. They are usually non-insulated and breathable enough for a long journey.

How Do They Fit

Sizing is a big issue to wear hunting boots. Socks can help a little in this case. Wear a thicker pair of socks for a loose hunting boot.


Rules Of Fitting A Hunter Boot

If the boot doesn’t fit well, you won’t be able to walk or stand well. And if you can’t walk or stand well, you will possibly miss the target. It can damage your feet also. So, you must know the fitting rules before dropping money for a pair of hunter boots in-store or online. You must know what you’re buying and how they will perform. Here are some rules that you must follow before buying your hunting boot.

Choose a hunting boot matching with your hunting style that will perform well on the terrain you hunt.

  • If you go hunting in cold weather, consider moving up a full-size collar hunting boot.
  • If you have a flat feet or high arches issue, consider using a specialized boot with higher-grade insole or synergy footbeds.
  • Choose a boot that can twist from side to side more than an inch to get the same support of an athletic shoe.
  • Don’t put on your hunting boot without socks. Try to wear quality wool socks and adjust your socks with your boot’s size.
  • Check the return policy of the company so that you can return the boot if it doesn’t fit you well.
  • Bear in mind that a hunter’s feet change by at least a half size by the afternoon under normal hiking conditions.
  • Before wearing your boot for hunting, try out the boot for one or two days. That will reduce the discomfort of new footwear.

It is necessary to fit the hunting boot well, otherwise, all the hunting attempts can go in vain. Pay attention to the rule for enjoying a good hunting time, not a painful hunting time.

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