How Did Lamar Hunt Make His Money?

Hi guys, today we are going to write about a different topic. This article is about the journey of a man’s life and his story of making money shortly.

Do you know who Lamar Hunt is and how he made his money? Keep reading this article till the end to know the life story of Hunt and the ways he made money!

Early Life

Lamar Hunt was born on August 2, 1932, in El Dorado, Arkansas, and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He is the third son of oil tycoon Haroldson Lafayette Hunt who was a billionaire at that time and ran an oil company.


Hunt attended Culver Military Academy and completed his graduation from The Hill School in Pennsylvania in 1951 and earned his in geology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1956.

Personal Information

Hunt is the third son of his father. He had two more brothers named Nelson Bunker and William Herbert. He also had a step-sister named Swanee Hunt who was the Ambassador to Austria.

He married Rosemary Carr in 1956, became the father of two children named Lamar Jr. and Sharron Hunt, and divorced her in 1962. Again in 1966, he married Norma Lynn Knobel. Clark and Daniel were the two children of this couple.

How Did Lamar Hunter Make His Money?

Guys, till now we have discussed the personal life of Lamar Hunt. Now we are going to share about the career of Lamar Hunt and about how he made his money.

Lamar Hunt is simultaneously a famous American businessman, sportsman, a visionary, and founder of Kansas City chiefs. He plays a vital role in many kinds of sports.

Sports Career

By using the power of his great inherited oil wealth, Lamar Hunt wanted to join the National Football League expansion franchise but was refused. Hunt also tried to purchase the NFL’s Chicago Cardinals franchise in 1959. His purpose was to move them to Dallas but he was again refused. Then Hunt established a new football league- AFL (American Football League) in 1959 with several other businesses who also refused to seek NFL’s franchise.

His goal was to bring professional football and make an NFL team for the Hunt family. And he was successful in his goals. AFL teams became a successful team very early days as a newly formed team. And there was also an AFL Dallas Texans team. In 1962, Lamar decided that Dallas was not big enough for two teams so he moved them to Kansas City Chiefs.

Super Bowl

In 1966, the NFL agreed to merge with AFL by a championship game. Then the same year 25 July, Hunt selected the name “Super Bowl” and the media picked his name nicely and refused to take the “AFL -NFL Championship game” name.

 NASL (North American Soccer League)  

Lamar Hunt also the founder of NASL. In 1967, he founded the Dorado Tornado as a member of the United Soccer Association. Then the league merged with the NAPL (National American Professional League) to form NASL and became champion in 1971 and runners up in 1973.

Hunt and his Dallas Tornado Partner decided to merge their team with the Tampa Bay Rowdies franchise in 1981. They sold the Rowdies to local investors in 1983.

Hunt was one of the key founding investors of Major League Soccer. He was the owner of two teams- Columbus Crew and Kansas City Wizards. He also purchased the third team in 2003 that is Dallas Burn announcing that he would finance the construction of their own soccer-specific stadium. Now the Dallas Burn is known as FC Dallas. He sold the Kansas City Wizards on August 31, 2006.

Involvement In Other Sports

Along with these activities, Lamar Hunt was also involved in some other sports- Basketball, Hockey, and Tennis. He was the founding investor of the Chicago Bulls and National Basketball Association. Even he had minority ownership till his last breath. He formed Columbus Hockey Limited, L.L.C. (CHL) with John H McConnell. His key objective was to obtain a National Hockey Team franchise for Columbus, Ohio. Hunt also co-founded the World Championship Tennis circuit in 1968.

Lamar Hunt As An Entrepreneur

Besides the sports-related ways, Lamar Hunt made money from his other businesses. He was the owner of two theme parks located in Kansas City. Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are the two parks, were founded in 1973 and 1982. He also established a man-made limestone cave which is the largest underground business complex of the world. It is a 55 million-square-foot limestone cave.

Final Thought

This is the short description of Lamar Hunt’s journey, career, and ways of making money. He earned his money from these sports leagues and his own park and cave. Surveys say that his net worth is $15.3 billion.

At the age of about 75 (74 years 10 months 5 days), this renowned businessman left his last breath at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas. He was suffering from prostate cancer.


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