Babolat Pure Strike 98 vs 100 [A Comprehensive look]

Babolat Pure Strike 98 vs 100

Racquets can be difficult to choose, especially if you’re a beginner in tennis. Not every racquet will give you the power or control you need. You’ll find many racquets lacking stability. Babolat being the oldest company provides fast and control-oriented racquets. In Babolat Pure Strike 98 vs 100, our goal is to help you decide … Read more

The Best Tennis Strings for Your Game

The 7 Best Tennis Strings Reviews in 2019

For a lot of us who are into tennis, we often know how important the string is. When you’re playing tennis, you need strong strings that can help you bounce and control every move of the ball. We usually put a lot of emphasis on the right equipment or buying our tennis gear or outfits. … Read more