Badminton Equipment List: What You Need to Play

Badminton Equipment

It’s impossible to play badminton without equipment even in your imagination! It’s a fun and challenging game that requires certain equipment to play. If you ask what types of equipment are needed to play? Well, badminton requires some very common gear such as a shuttlecock, badminton racket and a net. But there are some other … Read more

Badminton Service Rules

Badminton Service Rules

Badminton was a game first played in the 19th century, introduced in the world games by 1981. Badminton itself is played with a racquet and a shuttlecock; the racquet is used to hit the shuttlecock across the badminton court which is a total of 44 ft. When the shuttlecock reaches the other court crossing a … Read more

Where to Buy Badminton Racket?

Where to Buy Badminton Racket

So, are you thinking of getting your badminton game to another level? Or probably you are just looking for your first badminton racket… Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced player, who doesn’t know where to buy a reliable and cheap badminton racket, then this is a guide for you… There many ways … Read more

The Best Badminton Shuttlecock for Your Game

Besides selecting your best badminton rackets, the next important thing for the sport is selecting your badminton shuttlecocks. Whether you are an amateur or a pro at this point, you will definitely won’t factors that won’t break off easily and will last you a long time. These days, there’s simply a lot of brands you … Read more