Best Video Camera For Hunting: Get The Perfect Shot Every Time

What Is The Hunting Video Camera?

A camera is an innovative optical hardware device that usually records the light. It has a light-proof box and a photosensitive plate inside the box. Today, digital cameras are very popular. Digital cameras store the photographs in a digital memory card. 

A hunting video camera is just a video camera or camcorder which is specifically made for hunting purposes.

Hunting is a thrilling job and hunters get a chance to get closer to the wildlife. The moments are so rare in life! That’s why capturing the moments is very important for you. If you fail to capture these moments, you will miss the days one day. For this, while going hunting, you must carry a video camera to shoot the wildlife as well as the thrill of stalking your prey.

Moreover, there are many more benefits of carrying the best video camera for hunting. You can watch your journey later and find out the mistakes you made that you want to avoid next time. You can also share your hunting experience with others, both in private and on the web.

Cameras are everywhere nowadays. For hunting, you need a portable, lightweight, and advanced one. So, here we will focus on some handheld camcorders to help you buy the best one.

Top 5 Hunting Video Camera List

  1. Panasonic HC-VX981K Video Camera Camcorder
  2. Sony HDRCX405
  3. Panasonic HC-V770
  4. GoPro Hero+ Best Action Cameras For Hunting
  5. Panasonic HC-V180K

Best Video Camera For Hunting

Comparison Table For Best Video Camera For Hunting


Product Image

Key Features

Rating & Price

1. Panasonic HC-VX981K Video Camera Camcorder

  • 1/2.3-Inch BSI Sensor

  • 4K Recording and In-Camera Editing

  • Wireless Twin Camera

4.4 out of 5

2. Sony HDRCX405

  • high definition 1920 x 1080 24p/60p

  • HDR-CX405/B Full HD 60p

  • LCD Screen Protector 3 Pack

4.3 out of 5

3. Panasonic HC-V770

  • 20X Optical Zoom

  • HDR Movie Feature

  • 1/2.3 Inch BSI Sensor

4.4 out of 5

4. GoPro Hero+

  • HERO+ LCD Camera

  • Captures 8MP single

  • Built In Wi Fi + Bluetooth

4.5 out of 5

5. Panasonic HC-V180K

  • 50X and 90X Optical Zoom

  • 28mm wide-angle lens

  • 1/5.8-Inch BSI Sensor

4.4 out of 5

1. Panasonic HC-VX981K Video Camera Camcorder

4K video technology is getting huge acceptance day by day. So, it’s obvious that you need a video recorder that can handle this high-quality video format. If you prefer 4K capability more than anything, Panasonic HC-VX981K can be a good choice for you with all the advanced features.

This premium ultra HD camcorder has paused and captured features to get high-quality images from that particular frame. The amazing night mood feature allows you to shoot in low light perfectly by adjusting the brightness.

Panasonic HC-VX981K

While holding a gun, you must not divert your concentration to the camera. That is why a remote control shooting feature is preferable for a hunting camera. This Panasonic camcorder offers you such a feature, permitting you to control the device by using your smartphone. You can also play the videos directly on your smart TV by using a wireless TV playback. This also allows you to live-stream your hunts on the web and that is totally in HD.

The camera is quite lightweight and compact with an overall satisfactory build quality. But, the battery life is pretty disappointing and you need to carry extra batteries and memory cards for a long time shooting. You may take extra care of the camera in the wet conditions.

  • 4K video capturing capabilities & fairly easy to use
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • 20X closer optical zoom
  • Remote-controlled through a smartphone
  • Allows HD live streaming
  • Shot perfectly in low light
  • Poor battery backup
  • Pretty expensive
  • Water sensitivity
best camera for hunting

2. Sony HDRCX405

Sony has always been a reliable brand name in handheld cameras. The HDRCX405 is one of their best camcorders that comes with a lot of accessories in a package. The 30X optical zoom and 60X clear zoom are the best things about this camera that offers to create a video with superior clarity. The excellent high-quality Sony sensor enables this camera to present good quality videos in low light situations. Even the camera is capable of shooting a 9.2 -megapixel image for still shots.

The camera is very portable and fits in a small place. It won’t tire you out while walking out of the woods. Although there is no wireless connectivity, the package will provide USB and HDMI output. The bundle also includes multiple high capacity batteries, 32GB micro SDHC card, and HDMI cable.

Sony HDRCX405

Though it’s not a 4K video recorder, the video quality is satisfactory overall. The goodie bundle has made it more special and appealing to the hunters. The build quality is not competent, so you need to be more careful outdoors when using it. Video live streaming option is also absent in its feature but the overall service of this camcorder is really praiseworthy. You may find the controls are also rather clunky.

  • Compact, lightweight and long-lasting camera
  • 30X optical zoom and 60X clear zoom for flawless video recording
  • Superior Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor
  • Provides a package including extra batteries, memory cards, and HDMI cable
  • Excellent video quality in lowlight conditions.
  • Poor building quality
  • No wireless and remote control system
  • Quite clunky to control
  • Doesn’t support 4K video format
  • Unable for video live streaming
hunting video cameras

3. Panasonic HC-V770

4K videos are amazing to look but those cameras are very expensive at the same time. So, if you want a camera with all the latest technology and the price is not an issue, Panasonic HC-V770 is for you. It’s an excellent package of all the most advanced features.

The ultra HD camera allows you to capture 1080p videos that look almost professional quality. 20X zoom feature supports long-distance shooting with full HD quality. The HDR features can lessen any small bright spots that sneak into the video.

Like the 4K Panasonic HC-VX981K camera, this Panasonic camera also has Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity with your smart devices and PC. Video live streaming and virtual control features are also present in the camera software. You can set this camera up in your planned kill-zone to observe your prey remotely.

Panasonic HC-V770

The sound recording quality of this camera is outstanding. You won’t miss any outdoor sounds and animal calls throughout the recording process. As there is no cooling fan inside, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected sound during shooting. This will help you create an authentic HD video with crystal clear audio. You can also mute the audio section whenever you want.

Although the camera has no IR feature, low light video recording is still quite impressive for the BSI sensor inside. Overall the build quality is good but the advanced features like Wi-Fi create extra pressure on your camera battery. You have to carry extra batteries when going to hunt. You should pay more attention to the white balance feature unless you will get extremely washed out videos.

  • Ultra HD camera with professional quality
  • 20X superb clear zoom
  • Supports real-time video streaming
  • NFC & Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Remote controlled
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Lower battery life
  • White balance concerns
best hunting camera

4. GoPro Hero+ Best Action Cameras For Hunting

GoPro has been carrying such goodwill in the action camera market in recent years. Hero+ is their entry-level action camera for budget-conscious customers with many appealing features. They are just perfect for hunting trips in your budget.

The sturdy build quality is a trademark of all GoPro cameras and the Hero+ is famous for its exceptional design. For keeping the price down, they have not compromised on the endurance of this action camera. You will get waterproof and a protected case which is unfortunately not demountable. But don’t worry about that. You can buy mounting accessories for that purpose separately.

GoPro Hero+

The camera can provide 1080p recording but there are no advanced image stabilization features as it is a simple action camera. The battery life is quite average, two hours per full charge. But the matter of sorrow that you can’t open the case to replace the battery since the case is waterproof. This Hero+ waterproof camera is super durable even if you drop it in a lake or stream, it will still survive.

Overall, the GoPro Hero+ is a perfect budget-friendly hunting mate with a high-quality video recording feature. Although you can’t replace the battery, the waterproof feature will keep your camera safer and healthier.

  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • Excellent build quality
  • Affordable for mid-budget customers
  • 1080p HD video recording feature
  • Multiple mounting options separately
  • Decent battery life
  • No advance image stabilization features
  • Unmountable battery case
  • No wireless and remote control feature
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity and live streaming option

5. Panasonic HC-V180K

The last of the list and third of Panasonic cameras is Panasonic HC-V180K, which has the longest zooming range among all of them. 90X intelligent zoom and 50X stabilized optical zoom give you high-quality and long-distance video recording experience. Normally, you can record 1080p full HD video with this camera.

Photography and videography in low light conditions is often a challenging aspect that hunting cameras have to meet. This Panasonic camera includes a BSI sensor in its software, especially for low light video capture. Hunting always requires patience. You may wait for your prey and so time-lapse photography is on-demand. This Panasonic HC-V180K camera offers you that feature.

Panasonic HC-V180K

Another signature feature of this camera is the wide touchscreen LCD monitor. This touch screen control lets you edit as well as add some great filters to your videos. The advanced wireless feature is absent but that will save your battery life instead.

Build quality is average in the comparison of price. In fact, it’s an excellent option for budget-conscious customers. If you want to buy a hunting camera of average quality which will also be in your budget, Panasonic HC-V180K is the perfect one.

  • Average quality video and extremely affordable
  • 90X intelligent zoom feature
  • BSI sensor for low light recording
  • Wide LCD touchscreen monitor
  • Medium battery life
  • No advanced features like wireless and Wi-Fi
  • Quite a poor video quality
  • Can’t cover much space at the same time

Buying Guides

best hunting video camera

How To Choose The Best Hunting Camera?

A lot of video cameras are available in the market with so many features. If you have no idea about cameras, you may be confused about choosing one of them. So, if you are looking for the best camera for hunting, here are some tips that you should remember before buying one.

Video Quality:

Video quality is the main criteria of a video camera. If the video quality is not much good, all the attempts will go in vain. Although high-quality video demands extra cash, my opinion is to try to afford the cost. If you are totally helpless about the budget, go for at least 1080p.

Low Light Capture:

Low light videography is an important feature that a hunting camera needs to have. If the feature is absent in your camera, you may miss some important moments of your hunting. So, before buying one, make sure that the camera has a BSI sensor for low light capturing.


best video camera for long range hunting

Optical zoom is very crucial for the hunters to keep an eye on the movement of the prey. The higher the zoom is the better you can observe. That’s why you need a camera with at least 20X optical zoom for hunting.

Size & Weight:

Hunters have to carry many heavy things so it’s better to use a compact and lightweight video camera. You surely would not want to add some extra burden in your bag.

Battery Life:

Battery life differs from one camera to another. Some last only an hour where else some last more than ten hours depending on the features that create pressure on the battery. If you buy an advanced featured camera, you have to carry extra batteries for long time use.

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Customers’ Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you to know more.

Q. What sort of hunting camera is best for the beginner?

Answer: If you have no idea about using a camera, you should avoid the advanced featured camera which is quite clunky to use. On the other hand, if you are competent at using a DSLR, you can easily use all sorts of video cameras. But, as a beginner, you should start with a mid-budget, compact, and average quality camcorder or action camera.

Q. What should be the minimum video quality of a hunting camera?

Answer: Well, it depends on the viewer’s perspective. The higher the resolution is the better video quality you’ll have. If you want to play your hunting videos on your TV or PC, the video quality and resolution should be high enough. And so you need a camera with 4K video support, but they don’t come cheap at all. However, the video resolution of a hunting camera should be at least 1080p.

Q. Do the build quality and weight matter?

Answer: Yes! Build quality and weight matter a lot for a hunting camera. Since hunting is a challenging activity, you have to face many challenging conditions there. So, anything that you carry, should be capable of handling the difficulties of the outdoor environment. Besides, a hunter has to carry many heavy things. So, the camera must be compact and lightweight.

Q. How much battery life matters?

Answer: Battery life depends on the features that the camera has, such as Wi-Fi, live video streaming etcetera. If you are using an advanced featured camera, your battery life won’t be more than 1/2 hours per full charge. In that case, you must carry extra batteries.


It’s not possible to buy several video cameras, so you should think logically before buying one. In my opinion, Panasonic HC-VX981K is the best video camera. Although it’s quite costly, the features of the camera are amazing. The 4K video quality ensures crystal clear video experience. The wireless connectivity and video live streaming features are also great. You can watch and share your hunting experience whenever you can. So, my recommendation is for Panasonic HC-VX981K. We hope you will have some great hunting time with the best quality video camera ever!

It’s A Wrap!

Weather conditions and places are also two other important considerable facts that you should keep in mind while buying a camera. To hunt in wet and humid weather, make sure that the camera works in these conditions perfectly.

If you are a beginner, you should take help from the experts if you want to get the best video camera for hunting. We are always here with you. If you need any suggestions or help, let us know your issue. We will try our best to help you.

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