The Best Tennis Strings for Your Game

For a lot of us who are into tennis, we often know how important the string is. When you’re playing tennis, you need strong strings that can help you bounce and control every move of the ball. We usually put a lot of emphasis on the right equipment or buying our tennis gear or outfits. However, choosing the strings for the rackets are usually overlooked.

There are different kinds of strings in the market and not all of them serve the same purpose. There are obvious differences, and some strings might work for you but might not work for someone else. In order to know which string you should get for yourself, you need a bit of guidance.

If you are thinking about getting yourself the best tennis strings, then this guide is just the place for you.

The list of strings that we have picked personally is arranged in order. Read on to learn more about the advantages disadvantages features of each, and hopefully, you will get the information you were looking for!

Comparison Table For The 7 Best Tennis Strings

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Luxilon 4G Tennis String Color: Gold
Note: 40 feet (12.2 m)
Check Price
RPM Blast Black Strings Color: Black
Note: 40 feet
Check Price
cordlessblower Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String Color: Transparent/Natural
Note: 40 feet (12.2m)
Check Price
cordlessblower Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set Color: Silver
Note: 40ft/12.2m
Check Price
cordlessblower Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String Color: Black
Note: 40 feet
Check Price
cordlessblower Head Rip Control Tennis String Color: Black, and Silver
Note:  40 feet
Check Price
cordlessblower Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex White Tennis String Color: Black
Note:  40 feet
Check Price

Here Is The List Of Strings That Will Be Explained In Details Later On:

  1. Luxilon 4G Tennis String
  2. RPM Blast Black Strings
  3. Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String
  4. Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set
  5. Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String
  6. Head Rip Control Tennis String
  7. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex White Tennis String

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The 7 Best Tennis Strings Reviews in 2019

1. Luxilon 4G Tennis String

Our 1st pick, have the Luxilion 4G Tennis String. Available in gauges of 16L (1.25mm) or 16L((1.30mm), and 40 feet(12.2m) in length, this string is well known to be able to preserve the tension over time.

Luxilon 4G Tennis String

The Luxilon 4G tennis string is already quite famous amongst pro players since it’s known as the best string for controlling tension. Made with co-polyester, the main while manufacturing the string, was to ensure that it can handle any pressure and yet maintain the tension for a long time.

It has already been tested a lot of times, and according to test reports the bite that these strings have how is quite big.

Although most co-polyester strings aren’t really known to have much comfort, the Luxilon 4G doesn’t compromise when it comes to tension control and comfort for the players. When it comes to tension and control, the Luxilon 4G does not seem to disappoint.

Even when it was tested, the testers were shocked to see how the string continued to provide a great spin and control.

The Luxilon 4Gvis already a low power string. Because of its low power, the string allows you to have maximum control while hitting, and so maintain the perfect pace when shooting precisely.

With perfect and precise spins, where you can control a lot of factors such as depths and angles while playing in a berry aggressive style!

  • It’s preferred by 73% of the Top 100 players of ATP
  • The strings provide good control
  • Can maintain the tension for a long period of time
  • Provides power and spin even for rough playing
  • Long-lasting strings made of co-polyester
  • Good bite of the strings
  • There is a tendency for the strings to shift
  • Might cause some wrist or arm discomfort
  • Doesn’t actually offer much power when hitting
  • Not suitable for beginners or amateurs who can’t control their own power or force when hitting the racket.

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2. RPM Blast Black Strings

For the 2nd pick, we have the RPM Blast Black strings. With a total gauge of 17 ft(1.25mm) and length of 40 ft, this string is very popular among baseliners who want a strong and durable string for their spin.

RPM Blast Black Strings

Although it is monofilament, the string uses construction technology that involves co-polyester composition and also comes with an octagonal profile.

The spin is, however, improved to a great extent given that it now uses a new dye and coating formula. Due to its black color, the strings are a little stiffer, while on the other hand, the strings can also slide across each other with more ease since they now have a silicone coating.

Due to this modern technology, the strings can now move freely while they are also durable and long-lasting due to less string friction. And while most co-polyester strings are made in a way to have these features, the RPM Blast is simply a notch above the rest of them.

If you are looking for a string that gives you maximum control, napping, and longevity, then the RPM Blast is the one for you. Also, a bit on the softer side compared to traditional polyesters, and will definitely provide good comfort if you happen to have big and heavy rackets.

  • The octagonal profile helps the strings from sliding around a lot and helps out more spin on the ball
  • Has a unique black dye to make the strings tougher and more durable
  • A silicone coating on the strings keep them from sticking to each other and causing no friction
  • Suitable for heavier rackets that need more control and spin
  • Good grip on the ball
  • More power with each strike
  • Very stretchy as it retains its elasticity after each hit
  • Actually very stiff and may cause elbow and wrist discomfort
  • Loses texture and pin after a certain amount of time
  • Loses tension very fast once you start playing

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3. Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String

For our 3rd last item, we have chosen the Wilson NXT Control 16 tennis racket string consisting of multifilament such as; Xycro Micro fibers with polyester and nylon fibers

Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String

Known as one of the iconic American tennis brands, Wilson has been making tennis gears for decades. With the same amount of popularity even in this time and age, the products under this brand are made with a promise to serve better quality.

Known as a hybrid string, the Wilson NXT Control 16 consists of a polyester mono core while it is wrapped on the outer portion with fibers made of polyester and nylon. Well known for its comfort and control over the ball, you might want this string if you happen to suffer from painful arms or elbows since the string is known to provide the ultimate comfort to anyone suffering from sore arms or wrists.

With a gauge of 16 feet (1.32mm) and a length of 40 feet (12.2m), the Next Control 16 tennis strings come in their natural color. Made with a unique combination of polyester and polyamide fibers, these strings provide unmatchable power, comfort, and greater control.

Wilson NXT is also known as one of the popular multifilament brands of strings made with polyester filaments combined with soft nylon fibers.

It is pretty rare to see nylon multifilament strings have such great control and comfort, but the Wilson NXT can always retain their usual shape and position due to which, these strings will never fail you and last for a long time.

  • Lower power provided by these multifilament strings helps when hitting aggressively
  • More control over the string bed due to the lower power, which helps with groundstrokes and serves
  • String digs into the ball and has a nice bite
  • Absorbs any vibrations during when hitting or during strikes
  • Has a firm and crispy feeling to the net
  • Strings retain their shape and position after every hit
  • Consistent performance
  • Lower power for strokes
  • Not as much spin as poly-filament strings
  • The string wears down faster and starts to fray

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More Relevant Products:

4. Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set

For our next item, we have the Luxilion ALU power 125 Tennis Racket string set.

Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set

With a gauge of 16L/1.25 mm, and length of 40ft/12.2m, the copolymer/ nylon and a fluorocarbon resin, combined with aluminum fibers give you the ultimate strings that are durable and will last you a long time!

It is one of the finest strings out in the market, available for intermediate and advanced players who have better control of the ball and how they play overall.

With this string, you can feel maximum control and power over how you play and the ball.

It is no wonder why this is one of the most popular choices of strings on the market. The unique technology combining polyester and monofilament will allow you to make huge strokes, at an unbelievably fast speed!

Have better control of your game and play confidently with the Luxilion ALU power strings!

  • Long lasting and highly durable
  • Strong enough to handle in any way you hit to play
  • Can create some powerful blows, provides impeccable speed
  • Allows better control of the ball
  • Comes in 2 colors; ice blue and silver
  • Puts a lot of strain on the elbows and wrists if the strings are strung at high tension
  • Not suitable for daily use.

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5. Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String

For the 5th pick, we have the Babolat RPM Blast tennis strings.

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String

The string comes in a gauge of 16 feet or 1.30 mm, with a length of 40 feet in total.

With latest and unique technologies, such as co-polyester monofilament, Babolat produces powerful high-density strings but gives you more control over your speed and how you play.

You can hit as hard as you want, but the strings will never lose their elasticity. Thanks to the octagonal profile and cross-linked silicone coating, which mix the strings spring back today original place right after hitting the ball.

  • Heavy duty strings that last a long time
  • With the octagonal profile and monofilament technology, the strings can bounce back to place after being hit,
  • Copolyester is proving to be superelastic
  • Provides better control to the player
  • Great for a spin when hitting the ball due to the co-polyester
  • Better precise hits and less chance of missing
  • Unimaginable accuracy when playing fast paced
  • Super soft and comfortable strings for players
  • Not as powerful for slower strokes since the strings are too firm
  • Suitable for only advanced players and pros can handle the strings with longer strokes, since shorter strokes by amateur players will only tire the hand

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6. Head Rip Control Tennis String

For our 6th pick, we have the Head Rip control tennis string. With a gauge of 1.30 mm, the strings come in two colors, black, and silver.

Head Rip Control Tennis String

It also comes in a unique string construction, made of nylon multifilament in the core, this string provides a highly elastic response no matter how hard you hit. Along with its elasticity, the string also comes with incredible precision so you can control the right amount of pressure when you hit or make strokes.

The Head Rip Control string also comes with polyolefin ribbons, which cover the entire outer portion around the central core made of standard nylon fibers. This outside coating of thin and flat ribbons, provides a lot of control for powerful strikes and spins.

Since the strings are bouncy enough and not very stiff, even baseline players can choose to use these. With a guarantee to be durable and long-lasting, you can now go forward and just strike or spin to your heart’s content!

  • Comes with a multifilament nylon core and polyolefin ribbons
  • Extremely elastic, so there is less chance of the strings breaking apart
  • A lot of control and plenty of texture to spin or strike in peace
  • Comfortable for players, no arm or wrist discomfort.
  • Works better only with low tension but not high tension
  • Not as durable as it claims

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7. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex White Tennis String

For our 7th pick, we have chosen the Prince Synthetic Gut tennis string. Known as one of the popular strings out there, The Prince synthetic gut strings come with a solid synthetic core, along with Duraflex.

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex White Tennis String

Coated with aramid fibers on the outer portion of the strings, this single wrap string is a little stiff. Nevertheless, the solid core provides a regular tension and consistent performance, thus making it a regular string for all kinds of players.

This string is also offered in many different colors, such as white, black, blue, yellow, purple, platinum and so on. Other than that, it is also one of the best options for players who have a fixed budget in mind, given that it includes really good hybrid cross strings.

With a gauge of 16 feet or 1.30mm, and length of 40ft/12.2m, the Price synthetic gut strings come in a variety of colors, such as; black, blue, purple, red, gold silver, white, pink, orange or rainbow color.

  • Affordable pricing, therefore, a good option for players who have a budget in mind
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Provides a decent amount of comforter as well as control over the racket, so no arm or wrist discomfort
  • Can be played for all kinds of hits or strikes or slices
  • Available in an assortment of colors
  • Doesn’t have super soft multifilament nylon strings but decent synthetic fibers
  • Not as comfortable as poly or multifilament fibers
  • Does not provide enough power to strike
  • Not durable enough to last
  • Not good for experienced players
  • The strings tend to slide a lot

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BrandLuxilion ALU Power 125Babolat RPM Blast Head Rip ControlPrince Synthetic Gut Luxilon 4GWilson NXT Control 16RPM Blast Black
PictureLuxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String SetBabolat RPM Blast Tennis StringHead Rip Control Tennis StringPrince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex White Tennis StringLuxilon 4G Tennis StringWilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet StringRPM Blast Black Strings
ColorBlackBlackBlackBlackGoldNatural Black

A Few Tips And Tricks On How To Buy The Best Tennis Strings

Selecting the perfect strings for your racket can be very tricky, especially since you need to consider quite a number of factors before you make the move to buy yours. However, you don’t have to worry much since that is exactly what this article is for!

best tennis strings

In this section, we have included every little tips and trick that will get you completely covered in this situation. So let’s go for it and see what they are!

  1. Prioritize your own style and preferences – the first thing that she should take into consideration is your style of playing and your own likes and dislikes. It is very important that you jot down the list of things that you like or hate since your playing style and personal preferences will determine a lot about what you need or do not need to buy.

Sure, you can ask around or read as many reviews as you want to, but you should also remember that whatever might be you working for someone might not work the same way for you! You are, after all, a unique individual with a unique playing style, so focus on that!

Therefore, putting your needs and preferences at first should be a priority!

  1. Check your budget – you might have your eyes on those new strings, but do you really want to pay for them?

Usually, tennis strings will cost you something around 5 to 15 dollars. However, this price is subject to change depending upon the materials that you choose to purchase. The factors that generally affect the price are the material used, the gauge, and also the texture of the strings.

In short, if you want strings of very good quality then you have to tip your budget a bit higher to afford it.

  1. The different measures of strings – there are three basic types that you will find in the market. These are usually: individual sets of 40ft reels of string, which you use for stringing one racket only.

Sets which include 330ft of reels and can be used for around 8 rackets, and lastly, 660 ft of reels that you can use for 16 rackets.

So, since now you know the amount of string that you get for each set, it would be easier for you to decide which type you need specifically.

You should also remember that natural gut and multifilament strings do not always come in reels, so you have to buy them separately.

  1. The elasticity and tension of the strings – these are two very important factors, which will tell you a lot about how comfortable you will be when you’re going to play.

If you are looking for more power have when hitting the ball, then checking the elasticity might be the best way to start. Whether the strings can retain the original shape after every hit, will depend entirely upon the elasticity.

On the other hand, considering the tension of the string, less tension will allow you to have more power! However, if you have more tension, then you might end up with arm and elbow discomfort since you would have to put a lot more effort into every shot.

  1. The different kinds of strings to put it simply, there are four main kinds of strings which will be discussed here.
  • natural gut – this is made from natural sources such as animal intestines. If you want a softer feel and no discomfort at all, then this might be the string for you!

One downside is probably that they are really expensive since they made from natural sources. So, if you are someone whose strings don’t survive that long, then you should probably look for something else.

  • synthetic gut – You can already tell from the name that this is made from synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester. If you are on a tight budget, then this might be the string for you since it is really cheap, and yet provide really good tension and durability.
  • Polyester – another popular type of string, mostly known for its long lasting properties, these strings will allow you to do all the topspins and the tough shots that require a lot of power.

Also, if you are someone whose strings break very often, then this tough guy is the only string you should look at!

However, it would be best to avoid polyester strings if you already have uncomfortable arms or elbows, since the tough string will require you to put a lot of effort when hitting.

  • Nylon – also popularly known as multifilaments, these strings often come coated with some tear proof outer layer. As tough as they sound, these things are also used mostly for amateur players and beginners, since they are comparatively cheap to buy, and are also quite flexible.
  • Hybrids – here too, the name itself gives away the fact that this is a mixture of two different types of strings.

Usually, a type is used to string vertically, also known as the mains. The other type is used horizontally and is known as the cross.

Usually 20ft of strings is needed for each side, and while the main usually guarantees durability, the cross ensures comfort all the time.

  • Kevlar – undoubtedly the strongest string out there, these won’t break at all, no matter how rough you play. Specially made for players who play aggressively, this string is usually strung alongside nylon so that it isn’t too tough on your arm or elbows. One danger, however, is that, since this string is too tough, it might lead to discomfort if the wrist and arms if the tension isn’t low.
  • Monofilament – made of a single strong filament, these mostly use polyester or Kevlar so they often tend to be very tough. The upside is that you won’t really break your strings as much, and this is one reason as to why they are found in most hybrid sets.
  • Multifilament – yep, you have already guessed, these strings include more than one filament of materials such as nylon or even Kevlar.

Although this string is very flexible and offers a lot of elasticity, they can’t be strung at high tension as that might cause discomfort of the arm and elbows. One other downside is that they aren’t as long-lasting as other strings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the perfect tension to use?

Answer: Normally, the rule is to string at a lower tension for more power, and at higher tension for better control. For a new racket, you will often find that the manufacturer will provide a recommended range for the tension.

Your safest bet would be to string at somewhere in the middle when stringing it for the first time. However, when you restring it, you can go higher up the scale or as low as you like.

Question: What makes polyester such a popular material for strings these days?

Answer: Polyester is also known to be a budget-friendly string for most people. And apart from that, since it is very strong, it also tends to last a long time. Since these strings can provide a lot of power and control, they are more popular among most players.

Question: what is the specialty of hybrid string?

Answer: Hybrid strings tend to provide an overall balance in a way since the stringing technique seems to focus on both the mains and the cross for better performance.

With hybrid strings, you can rest assured about the amount of control, and power since it is a combination of two kinds of strings and not just one.

While strong strings such as polyester or Kevlar is used on the mains for better control, natural gut or a multifilament strings are used on the crosses for improved comfort and feel.

Question: How to know when it the right time to change your strings?

Answer: This answer will probably depend on what level you are as a player. Expert players and professionals pay a lot of importance to the state of their strings, and they often change the strings on a regular month to month basis, while some players might even change it on a weekly basis, depending upon the amount of wear and tear and how frequently they play.

If you are just a beginner or an intermediate player, then you do not need to change your strings so frequently. However, as mentioned already, it all depends upon the amount of wear and tear resulting from regular use, and whether you feel uncomfortable using your racket.

So, you should simply change the strings based on the frequency of usage, since using the strings will lead to some amount of fraying and tear.

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Final thoughts

Playing with the right strings is definitely a game changer. It’s surprising that such an important element is not given much importance, although a lot of important factors are dependent on it, such as; your comfort level, the amount of power you need to exert, the right string for your playing style, strings to prevent injuries and many more. Basically, the entire game depends upon the strings you choose!

We get it, choosing the strings for your racket is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, with the knowledge that you have now, you can definitely succeed when it comes to choosing the right string for your racket.

Although it is always good to experiment a little before you judge and not simply settle for the first one that you come across, you still want enough information to begin with! And we believe this article has been of great help to you so far in your journey to find the right strings for you.

 So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy your perfect set of strings today!

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