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The 7 Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet Reviews & Buying Guides

There are many people around the world who have flat feet, and love to play tennis. Their flat feet are the main obstruction for playing tennis as it is risky and painful. But today, a lot of shoes are found in the market for them so that they can play tennis without suffering much. If you have flat feet and need the best tennis shoes for flat feet, then keep reading this article. Here the best products have been enlisted.

Tennis is a fast and competitive sport where an athlete has to move quickly across the court. During the game, the player has to lunge forward for the ball, or sometimes stop and turn instantly. While moving on the court, your feet have to tolerate extra pressure, and sometimes it causes pain. So, your feet need protection from the pressure so that you can move effortlessly and play tennis ease.

People having flat feet have to face a lot of problems because, during the game, there may have the probability of getting injured seriously. As a result, they cannot feel comfortable to play tennis as well. Keeping them in mind, many manufacturers have brought shoes so that they can move and make a competition with others.

How Flat Feet May Affect Your Performance

A person who has a weak foot posture may be at risk of postural misalignment. Having twisted inwards, both shinbone and thighbone stress on the ankles, knees, hips and lower back. It happens only when the foot arch collapses against the ground. It is painful and often gets the foot or ankle injuries due to the problems with walking or balance. During the game, an athlete keeps moving on the court and even needs to lunge forward for the ball. At the moment of performing, due to the weak foot postures, a player may lose his balance and get injured. That is why the performer cannot perform well.

Pronation is the most common thing that absorbs impact on the feet. Though pronation is a normal rolling in every step, it becomes painful for them who have flat feet as it goes beyond the necessary point. It’s over-pronation, the most common obstacle for the flattened arch. This over-pronation extends the ankle joints. It will rotate both the lower and upper leg bones inwards and cause extreme pain on the ankles, knee joints, lower leg muscles, and hips for the less or more stress.

At the tennis court, you must have to run to and fro. So, with these problems, it is quite impossible to perform well. To overcome these problems, there are some ways and wearing shoes is one f them. To avoid these problems, a player must have a pair of right shoes so that the fallen arches or flatten or collapse feet will be safe from getting injured. In the case of these problems, you can experience a better with the best tennis shoes for flat feet we enlisted here, in this article.

Best Tennis Shoes For Flat Feet

Why are the right tennis shoes important for flat feet?

Your feet have a great demand for playing tennis that is why it needs protection from the pressures. As a player have to run to and fro on the tennis court (I have mentioned before that), traction is important, and it let you move across the court quickly. For these reasons, shoes are very important for protection as well as traction and cushion. Tennis shoe is a must for extra protection as well as comfort for the flat feet. Otherwise, there may have a probability of being affected at any time while lunging forward or moving across the court. It also may ruin your performance.


The list of best Tennis Shoes for flat feet

Product Name Features Amazon Price
Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe • Rubber sole
• The upper Textile support to the feet
• Torsion system
• Removable and replaceable insole
• Adiprene for extra cushioning
New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe • It ensures superb traction and balance
• Perforated toe box and side panel
• ABZORB cushioning
• Lather and Synthetic material
Prince T-22 Tennis Shoe • Lightweight shoes
• Stylish look
• Awesome mid-foot support
• Comfortable
ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe • External heel counter
• Extra gel cushioning
• pGuard Toe protector
NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes • Comfortable at affordable price
• GDR outsole
• Long-lasting traction on hard court
• Phylon midsole
• Abrasion resistance
ASICS Gel Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes • Outstanding arch support
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Long-lasting good bottoms
• Wider toe box
• Lateral support
ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 3 • Lightweight
• Mid-foot and heel support
• Improves toe stability
• Super feet carbon insoles


1. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe is lightweight and comfortable. Ensuring protection from extra pressure on the feet, it allows the contestants to move rapidly and effortlessly. It comes with the synthetic upper that makes the shoe durable and stylish in design. This product is one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet that we recommend to buy.
Traction is an important matter during the game to stop and turn instantly. Adidas Tennis Shoe has a rubber sole that provides great traction and the upper textile support to the feet. It also makes the shoe lightweight.
While moving around the court, lunging and safe landing, the torsion system offers comfort and support in the midfoot, and the Adiprene cushions the heels and toes. In addition, you can remove and replace the insole with your desired sole for ultimate comfort. Sizes are available for almost all types of feet.


  • Rubber sole provides great traction
  • The upper Textile support to the feet
  • Torsion system offers comfort and support in the midfoot
  • The insole is removable and replaceable
  • Durable and stylish in design
  • Adiprene for extra cushioning


  • The shoe is a little stiff



2. New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe

New Balance mc806 Tennis Shoe ensures traction, comfort, balance, and weight so that you can perform the best with it. An ordinary shoe can seriously injure your feet, but these shoes will give you the best support. This product is considered as one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet for its traction and toe protection system. Therefore, we also recommend this product too.
Leather and synthetic material have been used to make the shoe more durable. To ensure maximum traction, New Balance used Rubber Sole and for the lateral motion, Herringbone outsole grants increased traction. That is why you will be able to get around the arena effortlessly.
While performing in court, it is the most important thing to protect the toes. In that case, the reinforced, perforated toe box, and side panel will protect your toes while sliding or stopping and turning on a dime. Moreover, the ABZORB (a superior blend of foam cushioning and compression set) and the C-Cap midsole also give support and comfort to the certain area of the feet.
New Balance Men’s Tennis Shoes are available in different sizes and available in 4 widths such as B (narrow), D (medium), 2E (wide) and 4E (extra wide).


  • It ensures superb traction and balance
  • Perforated toe box and side panel protect the toes
  • ABZORB cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Lather and Synthetic material make the shoes durable
  • Lather and Synthetic uppers keep the feet cool, dry and comfortable


  • The Toe box of the shoe is a little tighter for wide feet
  • The sole wears out quickly



3. Prince Men’s T-22 Tennis Shoe


Prince Men’s T-22 Tennis Shoe

Prince T-22 tennis shoe is an excellent choice for those who play tennis regularly. These tennis shoes have won millions of hearts for their look texture and comfort level. The shoe is specially designed for the flat-footed players who face a lot of problems while playing tennis.
The well-cushioned PU sock liner of the shoe protects your feet from rolling inwards and confirms a safe landing. A supportive TPU shank gives awesome mid-foot support to the players with severely fallen arches. The ventilation system is also improved, to keep your feet dry and cool. The rush toe-cap prevents your feet from scratches.
These shoes are available in different colors. They are white, navy and silver. The smart look of the shoe and mid-range price has increased its popularity. The shoes are appropriate not only for tennis but also for all-purpose.
Overall, prince T-22 tennis shoe is the best choice for experiencing better and comfortable active-wear. You will love it after using it once.


  • Smart looking and lightweight shoes
  • Provides awesome mid-foot support
  • Quality materials ensure the best comfort
  • Not too expensive to afford


  • Sometimes it doesn’t adjust to the wide feet size
  • “Straps” are made of hard plastic



Prince Women’s T-22 Tennis Shoe

Prince T-22 tennis shoe is available for both men and women. Women’s T-22 tennis shoes also contain the same quality and comfort. It’s just different by size. To purchase Tennis shoes for women, CLICK HERE…



4. ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe


ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe

Asics is the name of a quality brand. It is popular for its brandy shoes. Asics Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis shoe is the very latest model of this brand that has gained much popularity within a few months. High-quality materials oh these shoes ensure the best comfort.
These shoes brought a revolutionary change in the market of the best tennis shoes for flat feet. The outstanding structure and attractive look of these shoes can easily win one’s heart. The external heel counter of the shoe gives excellent midfoot support and improves toe stability. The upper portion is made of soft foam and mesh panel that allows air to get in to keep your feet dry and cool for many hours. These shoes are especially blessed with extra gel cushioning midsole that protects your feet from any outside impact and gives you higher comfort.
These shoes can be the best choice for a flat-footed person to experience better comfort, endurance, and stability.


  • External heel counter gives outstanding midfoot support
  • Extra gel cushioning for excellent comfort
  • Gender-specific cushioning
  • pGuard Toe protector protects the toe
  • Extremely good looking
  • Made of imported quality materials


  • A bit expensive
  • Sometimes create a problem with the wide foot



5. NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

NIKE Men's Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes is one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet which is extremely comfortable at a great price. This great lightweight tennis is not only comfortable but also supportive too. As NIKE is one of the most popular brands, it provides the best products worldwide.

The rubber sole is used for traction, which is important for instant movement during playing tennis. Moreover, the GDR outsole offers long-lasting traction on the hard court surfaces.

NIKE has use Mesh tongue that enhances breathability. As a result, your feet will be cool and dry all day long. For lightweight cushioning, full-length Phylon midsole have been used in it. On the toe area, the layer of material has been added for abrasion resistance.


  • Extremely comfortable at affordable price
  • GDR outsole offers long-lasting traction on hard court
  • Phylon midsole make it lightweight
  • Added material for abrasion resistance


  • A bit narrow (They will loosen after use for some days)



6. ASICS Gel Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Gel Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes

For ultimate comfort and protection on the court, ASICS Gel Dedicate is an ideal tennis shoe for the athletes. ASICS is a popular quality brand that presents ASICS Gel Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes, which is one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet.
These good looking and super comfortable shoes have gained too much popularity to the players of all levels. The leather upper portion and the mesh panel allow air to get into the shoes. This awesome technique helps to prevent wetness and keeps your feet dry and cool.
The best thing about the shoe is its well-cushioned sock liner and foamy sole that serves you the best comfort. The midsole contains soft memory foam which gives good support to your arches. They allow your natural moves and you don’t feel any pain.
If you have a flat-feet problem, these shoes can be the best choice for you and it will help you to feel comfortable all the time in the tennis court.


  • Smart looking and budget-friendly
  • Outstanding arch support
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Long-lasting and good bottoms
  • The slightly wider toe box
  • Good lateral support


  • Soles are short-lasting than the shoes
  • Sometimes it can be toe pinched



7. ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 3

ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 3

ASICS is a popular brand name for all level tennis players. Shoes of this brand are available in the market for more than 10 years. But the latest model, GEL-Solution Speed 3 is the best model ever. Now, it’s lighter and gives three-time more speed. It is also developed technologically and comfortable to use.
The features of these shoes are improved remarkably. Using quality materials has improved the texture of the shoe and made them beneficial to the flat-footed person. The lightweight midsole gives you good mid-foot and arch support.
Asics GEL-Solution Speed 3 is budget-friendly and smart looking. The Sock-liner is well-cushioned that keeps your feet safe from friction. PGuard toe protector improves toe stability and working ability.
Overall, these shoes have gained much popularity for its latest outstanding features. So, it can be a good choice for both tennis players and ordinary people.


  • Lightweight and budget-friendly
  • Excellent mid-foot and heel support
  • Removes flat-foot problem while playing
  • Improves toe stability
  • Super feet carbon insoles
  • Keeps you more speedy


  • Wide-foot people can face problems with it
  • You may find it little hard to break-in
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find out the perfect size



ASICS Women’s GEL-Solution Speed 3

These shoes are also available for both men and women. There is no particular difference between men’s and women’s shoes. Different size and colors are also available. Men’s shoes are available only in two colors, white and gray but women’s shoes are available in more colors like indigo-blue or diva-pink.
To pick up the ASICS Women’s GEL-Solution Speed 3, CLICK HERE…



Buying Guide

Having flat feet is one of the great problems for them who are fond of tennis. People having flat feet cannot play tennis safely and they have to suffer in pain. In that case, tennis shoe for flat feet is an ideal solution that keeps the feet safe as they are designed for flat feet. Here I am going to show you a guideline for choosing the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

Court Surface

According to the court’s surface, manufacturers designed different types of tennis shoes. There are mainly three types of court surfaces such as Hard Court, Clay Court, and Grass Court. Today, almost all brands are bringing shoes for playing on all types of court.


For playing tennis on a regular basis, it’s important to buy a pair of shoes for comfort and that feels good to move across the court. Wearing an unfit shoe, you cannot avoid your problem, rather it will be the reason for your problems.

Arch Support

Before making purchase tennis shoe, make sure that whether the shoes you are going to buy are Arch Supportive or not. It is important to look for plenty of support the flat feet. Otherwise, the shoe will not be comfortable for you.

Arch Cushioning

While playing tennis, Arch Cushioning is also important as it absorbs any kind of shock or impact to ensure extra protection to your feet. All the shoes we have enlisted are safe and comfortable for your flat feet.


Frequently Answer Questions

Question: Can I stress my tennis shoes? How?

Answer: Certainly it’s possible to stress your tennis shoes at home with the freezing method. Removing the air from a bag and fill it about halfway with water. Then put the bag in the sneakers and push it forward. Then let the shoe freeze for eight hours placing in a freezer. Once frozen, put out the bag from the sneaker. You will notice that the shoes get stressed.

Question: How to Stop Squeaking?

Answer: You can stop your shoes squeaking in different ways. You can use baby powder under the insole of your shoes. Use oil on if the shoes are made of leather.

Question: How long should I have to change my shoes?

Answer: It depends on the quality as well as how often you wear them. Different shoes have different lifespans. When you notice that the shoes are not supportive and no longer providing traction, you have o change the shoes immediately.

Question: Can I wash these tennis shoes?

Answer: Of course you can. You can wash them in a washing machine to save time and effort. If you want, you can hand wash them with detergent.

Question: Can I let my tennis shoes dry under the dryer?

Answer: The tennis shoes of synthetic material cannot tolerate much heat. Let your shoes dry naturally, under fan or other places. Don’t let it dry with sunshine. If you in a hurry, you can dry with low-temperature.


The study says, about 20 to 30 percent of the population is suffering from this problem. Having this problem, it is too hard to play tennis like normal people. That’s why they need extra protection, extra support, and extra care for performing the best. So, they need shoes for flat feet to avoid injuries. There are many popular brands around the world that provide stylish, comfortable, and Arch Supportive shoes. Also, shoes are useful as they offer traction so that you can move quickly. There are many shoes that are not so good for playing. So, here we enlisted top 7 best tennis shoes for flat feet so that you don’t have to suffer much and waste valuable time in searching for the perfect shoes from millions of products.


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