Best Tennis Serve Tips For Beginner

Tennis is actually the fourth most popular sport in the whole world, practiced and played by almost one billion people. Some take it as a hobby, whereas some are playing fully fledged and taking it as career options. Many among us, start playing tennis from an early age but it can be started at any age, really. What matters is that you are paying in the right way, and that is what we are going to cover in this feature. we will walk you through four very important best tennis serve tips that will make sure that you achieve a power tennis serve.

best tennis serve tips

Best Tennis Serve Tips For Beginner

1. Grip:

Proper tennis serve grip is very important to execute accuracy and targeting. Appropriate gripping is needed according to the playing technique as the gripping produces power to the hand and results in the force in accordance with the ball. It is also used for topspin and is the continental grip.

2. Ball Toss:

Serve ball toss is very important as it is the key point to execute a power tennis serve. The player always needs to hold the ball with the tips of his fingers rather than the palm making a grip. If the player holds the ball with his palm, the execution of the toss will get affected and it can also result in the variation of the needed force or speed of the ball when throwing it. Once the player is tossing the ball immediately the racket is supposed to be held behind of the player’s body.

3. The Tossing Motion Serve:

As mentioned before, the ball toss is the most important part of the game as the way you toss or execute the ball, is going to decide on the serve execution. Whether you will hit your target or not will depend on the way you toss as well as the speed of the serve, so needless to say, if you want to hit the target and also want to perform better the tossing motion needs to be accurate.

In order to do that, think of an invisible clock on top of you and remember the fact that it should always hit 1 o’clock in direction of the clock when your toss is being made. This strategy is applicable if you are a right-handed player, and as for left-handed players, the direction of the ball toss should be directed towards 11 o’clock. Balance this strategy with a toss height that you are comfortable with and that should be enough.

4. Elbow & Racket:

Generally the body should always uncoil and should face towards the net and at the same time the upper arm needs to be in a vertical position with the lower arm which looks like an L shape with the elbow bent at 90 degrees. Always keep the wrists loose and relaxed and in a 90 degrees angle with the forearm. This positions will mainly allow you to serve your game in the right manner and will help you ace it.

These four steps make sure that your body and execution method is in alignment. Which means, if followed properly, it will lead you to a satisfactory game.

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