Best Tennis Ball Machine – Get a Perfect Workout Every Time!

Tennis: what a brutal game it can be. While you bring out all of your frustration from your mind and involve yourself in enjoying the game, there are those balls who are getting all the abuses to help you get a hold of the game. Poor thing!

However, you might not always get yourself a real person like literally, but how about you get yourself a real challenger? Excited?

If you are, then you must step out to grab the best tennis ball machine as there is no better way to master the sport besides this one.

Such kind of machines will not only act like a real opponent but also will help you be a pro by throwing balls at you in different spinning nature.

So, if you think you need one beast to strike all the balls back, then have a look at these 8 best machines that are available in the market.

8 Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

  • Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine
  • Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine
  • Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine
  • Lobster Sports – Elite One Tennis Ball Machine
  • Match Mate Tennis Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine
  • Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine
  • Lobster Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine
  • Spinshot-Plus Tennis Ball Machine
Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

1. Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis ball never knows how old are you, if you are a male or a female. It just knows if you try to use it right, you will have your win. And for this, you can start your trial with Lobster Sports. Because it’s obvious that whenever you think of a tennis ball machine, this name has to appear.

And there is a reason since the brand has proven itself to be one of the best on the planet especially when it comes to making machines, so their product has to be the best as well. And you can count Elite Liberty one of their wonders as well.

Elite Liberty is a machine that is able to easily control the top and back spin, so it can do full-court oscillation. You can adjust the spin setting at different levels from +4 for max topspin to -4 for max backspin. It can shoot the ball from 20 mph to as much as 70 mph while the elevation comes with a range from 0 to 50 degrees.

With its big sized wheels and a weight of 35 pounds, you will find it very easy to move on and off the court. And it’s 3 feet folding handle is another plus that needs to be mentioned.

The brand has designed it in such a way that makes it ideal for any player, be it novice or veteran. And that’s the best thing about this best tennis ball machine.

To talk about the worst thing, well you simply cannot just use the wet tennis ball in the machine as it might jam it up. And another one is that it does not have any remote control to use it in an alternate way.

Lobster Sports – Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses:
  • Ideal for any player, both experienced and beginner.
  • Durable, reliable and well-built.
  • Provides topspin and backspin.
  • Comes with battery and charger.
  • Lightweight and comes with a folding handle that makes them easy to transport.
❌ ❌  Minuses:
  • Cannot use wet balls in the machine.
  • Does not come with remote control.
  • Battery backup is not that good.

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2. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine

One of the most essential factors to have in the field of tennis is your focus. So, even if someone starts shooting a gun down the street, your concentration should not get distracted. However, trying out tennis with a machine won’t be a bad idea either, so if you want something that will help you practice the sport, the Spinshot machine can be a great example.

It is not only the best tennis ball machine in the market out there but also it’s something that can help you reach your goal.

A very well-designed, well-built machine that has won many players’ trust. It is able to help you in several areas such as working on returning shots while improving your skill.

It possesses full-court oscillation targeting. And the best part is that you can even control the machine with an app on your device. Having said that, you won’t be needing any remote control to use the machine since your device will do it all.

With this machine, you can program it to make your own drills at any height and width. Not only that, but you can also customize spin, direction, program height and speed range of 18 mph to 68 mph for each of the six consecutive shots.

Moreover, you can also make horizontal as well as vertical oscillation with the machine, so the liberty will be all yours.

So, let the machine help you practice returning a variety of shots while the balls spin and come at you.

However, if you go through the company statement, you will notice that they have stated it to hold about 120 tennis balls which is quite not right. You will find it a little tough to fill the machine up with 120 balls.

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses: 
  • Well-built and durable.
  • Provides vertical and horizontal oscillation.
  • Can be controlled via your device.
  • Speed range of 18 to 68 mph.
  • Will enable you to practice returning a variety of shots.
  • Easily portable.
❌ ❌  Minuses:
  • Programming is not that user friendly.
  • Might not hold all 120 tennis balls at a time.

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3. Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine

One of the most depressing things about playing tennis is that no matter how much good you get, you will not be able to be as good as the wall. Well, for now, let’s just stop looking at the wall and focus on this another best tennis ball machine that you can grab from Match Mate.

This is Rookie. And if you are a beginner or an intermediate player, it can be your best mate. But if you are someone a veteran, watch out! you might find it too slow to use.

Being the best product, this machine has got all the great qualities, be it ball delay options, ball speed from 10 mph to as much as 27 mph or be it triple threat elevation. The Rookie has it all.

Its heavy topspin that reaches 27 mph can help you a lot in enriching your skill and abilities and creating a better defense.

Another great thing about this machine is its battery backup. It can give you a backup of 5 hours while you can enjoy playing the practice.

It has been built with an aluminum outer shell so that it can last longer. Moreover, it comes with urethane pitching wheels that let you move the machine easily from one spot to another.

With only a weight of 22 pounds, the machine can make a great choice. So, by looking at all these features, you can call it the best tennis machine in the market.

Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses:
  • Has a weight of only 22 pounds.
  • Easily portable for weighing light and wheels.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Great for beginners.
  • Comes with a variety of options.
  • Able to help you a enrich your skill.
❌ ❌  Minuses:
  • Not really great for advanced level players.

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4. Lobster Sports – Elite One Tennis Ball Machine

Imagine how much fun you had as a skinny barefoot kid who used to hit a tennis ball with a broomstick on a fine dusty street. Old memories never get faded away, but you can create new memories with the best tennis ball machine Elite One.

This is another entry from Lobster Sports and you can expect equal performance from this model as well.

Or you can say it more of a reasonable model that Lobster Sports can give you. Cheap in price but still It maintains its dignity and high-quality just fine. So, if you are a beginner or an experienced player, push yourself to have it because it is going to help a lot in firming up your skills.

The machine has been stated to have a lot of vital features. It has a wider selection of shot arcs and speed, comes with full side to side oscillations and it is able to add spin to a shot. When it comes to the practice, the machine will give you all the support you need.

Not every machine has this quality to throw a number of different shots at you, but as for this machine. it does have.

Another big plus is that it has a remote control with 2 functions: one is feed another one is sweep. So, you can use the machine more easily.

Coming in heavy plastic, the Elite one features weather protection and this makes it more durable than many of its rivals. Not only that, it comes with sturdy aluminum tube framing as well that complement the durability of the construction.

To add more, it’s battery backup of 8 hours is also a great thing to have in this machine.

The only grip is that it does not use any digitally controlled technology. It’s toggle switch and dial control are also a little disappointing.

Lobster Sports – Elite One Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses:
  • Well-built and durable construction.
  • Remote control with 2 functions.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Comes with a variety of options.
  • Bigger wheels let you move around easily.
  • Very reasonable.
  • Can help you practice your overheads.
❌ ❌  Minuses:
  • No digital option to control.
  • Disappointing toggle switch and dial control.

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5. Match Mate Tennis Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine

If you have both skill and grudge for someone at the same time then why not utilize both with the best tennis ball machine? With this Isam Extend model from Match Mate Tennis, not only you can bring out your bitterness but your talent as well.

And you cannot just simply doubt the performance that this machine has to offer. It is versatile, highly durable and solid.

Coming in an extended green bucket design, the beast can hold about 300 balls all at once.

You will find 5 levels of elevation on the machine. You can adjust the pace of shots at a range from 15 mph to 70 mph. And there is a control panel as well through which you can control the machine like the way you want.

In addition to this, you will love its feed rate as well. It comes with a range of 2 to 7 balls each second with the quickest shot time of 1.5 seconds. So, there is no reason to not love the machine.

7 hours of battery backup is another big plus. So, you can treat yourself as long as you can by practicing for that much longer.

Moreover, you cannot also stop yourself from loving its spin control and ball delivery feature. The way the machine offers controlled topspin and backspin is simply splendid.

It weighs around only 40 pounds. Although it does not have any wheels that can be counted as a drawback but still you can manage to drag it and carry it easily. The best thing is that you can also stuff it in the trunk of your car.

Match Mate Tennis Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses:
  • Easy to program and user friendly.
  • Comes with control panel.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Feed rate with 2 to 7 balls each second.
  • 5 levels of elevation.
  • Great for both novice and veteran.
  • Well-built and durable.
❌ ❌  Minuses:
  • It does not have any digital control option.
  • No wheels to make it more easily portable.

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6. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

You know what’s the best part about playing the sport? It gives you an opportunity to give off your aggressiveness physically without getting arrested for the nefarious attack. And if you think you have a lot of aggression to release, then help them get out by using this Pro Tennis ball Machine from Spinshot.

Although the machine steps a little behind for the lack of its versatility but still it manages to be the best tennis ball machine for its impeccable performance.

It does not have digital controls either yet it happens to save you tons of cashes by its functions. So, if you want to enrich your hitting and return techniques, then you can absolutely try this item.

Some of the worth mentioning features the machine has is its capable to holding about 120 balls, spinning a shot, giving you the battery backup of 2 hours and full court oscillations.

It has the ability to impress you with its random move of the balls and the shots it throws at you from side to side. And just with the speed of 10 kmph to 120 kmph and with a feed rate of 2 to 10 seconds, the machine shows its talent by the performance.

And as for its portability, it manages to be easily portable for its 44 pounds weight, but there are wheels and handle that will give you enough support to move the machine easily.

Just like it has been mentioned that there is no option to control it digitally, but however, you can have a 2 button remote control to have your spin-shot. And as a generic item, it still manages to be the best.

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses:
  • Comes with user friendly control panel.
  • Features speed of 10 kmph to 120 kmph.
  • Features feed rate of 2 to 10 seconds.
  • Great for both novice and veteran.
  • Wheels and handles to make it easily portable.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • Comes with remote control.
  • Includes battery and charger.
  • Can hold 120 balls.
❌ ❌  Minuses: 
  • A very generic product.
  • Does not have options to control digitally.
  • Weigh a little heavier than other rivals.

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7. Lobster Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine

Fray your challenger’s nerves by bouncing the ball analytically till it gets exhausted. And if you want a real challenger, then have a look at this best tennis ball machine that you can get again from Lobster Sports.

This is an Elite 2 model that quite has a similar performing level like its siblings.

Let yourself fall in love with its horizontal and vertical oscillation, unlike Elite One. With this, you can place the ball on both the sides with a just one-tap system. That being said, if you explore vertical oscillation, you will find out that it has a number of options to pick from that help increase the challenging level for you.

You can drill against soaring lobs as well as all-pervading speeds of 80 mph. The feed rate ranging from 2 to 12 seconds will also help you improve your skill.

With 42 pounds, it manages to be easily portable although you will find it a little heavier than the other. However, the bigger wheels and handle still save the day, so the weight of the machine does not actually matter.

The size of Elite 2 is friendly as you can stuff it easily into your jeep’s trunk and carry it to the spot anytime.

To speak of more features, its ball spin and elevation up to 60 degree is outstanding. It tends to simulate real challenger and can help you fine-tune your ability in much a better way.

If you want to put your best, then try out the topspin on 60 percent of your drills while 20 percent of backspin and 20 of flat. With this, the machine will allow you to fray with a real challenger.

All in all, the Elite 2 happens to be a great buy in the market. It possesses a lot of features with a longer battery life of about 8 hours.

The only problem with the product is that the remote control that it comes with will add extra buck since it is sold separately. Other than that, it makes a great choice.

Lobster Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses:
  • Well build and durable.
  • Wheels and handle make it easily portable.
  • 8 hours of battery backup.
  • Helps improve your skill.
  • Possesses both horizontal and vertical oscillation.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Great for both novice and veteran.
  • Features feed rate of 2 to 12 seconds.
  • Features speed of 80 mph.
❌ ❌  Minuses:
  • Remote control will add extra bucks.

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8. Spinshot-Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Let’s put an end of the list with this another best tennis ball machine from Spinshot-Plus Tennis Ball Machine, yet again! The only reason the brand is appearing over and over again is that they have got all the best items to be proud of.

So, meet Spinshot-Plus that happens to be one of the most avant-garde machines on the planet. It comes with 6 pre-loaded court drill that will let you enjoy maximum simulation in the field.

But wait there are more! The machine has attributes like all courter, grinder, lefty, baseliner, slicer and moon-baller. These are something that can take your tennis game to another level.

Having said that, the machine also features a wide, medium and narrow setting that will let you alternate backhand and forehand shots. Not only that, but it also has speeds that range from 35 mph to 80 mph and elevations that range from 0 to 50 degree.

Spinshot-Plus is so nice that it can mix up the spin, speed as well as the trajectory. There will be an advanced digital control panel so you can control it the machine with ease.

The battery timing is another amazing trait. With longer battery life and fast charging, the machine will be there serving you for a very good time.

And 20 function remote control is another big plus to explore. You can control it with your Apple or Android as well. So you have all the stage to rock the game.

Just like most of the models, it too comes with wheels and handles that help you move the machine with ease. But the position of the handle can make you feel awkward to lift. But that’s not a big deal.

Spinshot-Plus Tennis Ball Machine
✅ ✅  Plusses:
  • Well build and durable.
  • Features 6 pre-loaded court drill.
  • 150 ball capacity.
  • 8 hours of battery backup.
  • Possesses both horizontal and vertical oscillation.
  • Can be controlled digitally by both Apple and Android.
  • Great for both novice and veteran.
  • Wheels and handle make it easily moveable..
  • Features speed of 80 mph.
❌ ❌  Minuses:
  • The position of the handle makes it tough to lift.

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The Buying Guide For Best Tennis Ball Machine:

Factors To Weigh Up:

best tennis ball mechine


Even though tennis ball machine does not have waterproof attributes, it still is supposed to be exposed to wind, airborne mist or debris. For this, it is vital that you go and grab a tennis ball machine that will not only be built up with metal or high-quality plastic but will be durable and solid as well. It will guarantee you that no matter what, your machine will hold up well for a longer period. Besides, you should also look for control that will be well-protected from such elements while functioning freely. You can also consider getting a one with digital controls.

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Shot Selection:

There is no opponent exists in the field that will strike you the ball the same way every time while playing a tennis match. So, why would you suppose your machine to have that feature? To develop your skill. You should look for a machine that will have a variety of features while shooting a ball at you. With this, it will help you enrich your abilities.

Spin And Oscillation:

Look for a tennis ball machine that will be capable of producing shots with a spin on them so it helps you in training you well.

So, just by adding spin to your balls, you can learn the returning tricks as well. For this, it will be wise if you have a machine that will be able to feed both backspin and topspin shots.

If you wish to master the sport by hitting the ball in multiple directions, then you must check out full-court oscillation features. One of the most mainstream features is that of horizontal one that feeds the ball randomly from side to side. However, you will also find machines that also come with vertical oscillations so you can drill closer to the net as well as at the base line. You can also consider getting one that is capable of programming oscillation. That way, you can master tennis more quickly.

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Basically, you will not be needing the highest MPH to get yourself reach the absolute highest. If you wish to practice shooting balls with pace, then you must have a machine with speed variation.  Your style of practice goal and play often need a wider speed ranges. So for this, the range between 10mph to 95mph will be ideal.


Control With Digital Or Remote:

There are many of the machines that possess a number of settings allowing you to develop vital tennis dexterities so you can be more competitive. While there are machines that work without any kind of remote leading you to run back and forth and keep on changing the settings, there are some that save you from those extra efforts. And it’s nothing but a remote control that can help you do so. So, if you want convenience, then look for machines that either can be controlled digitally via a device or via remote.


Portability is a kind of one of the most important traits that need to be counted. As there will be a lot of instances where you will have to carry the machine and move on and off the court frequently so it is wise you choose a machine that will weight light. Not only that, you should look for such features like in-built bigger wheels and solid metal handle so you can move the machine more easily.

Feeding Interval:

It’s wise to go for a more flexible option. Look for machines that will let you adjust feeding interval as it will help you progress in a better way. While some machines come with a strict interval of 3 to 6 to 12 seconds, some come with an interval from 1 to 60 seconds.

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Tennis ball machine basically has two types of power options. One is battery power, other one is A/C power. If you are looking for a convenient and portable machine, then you might want to have the battery powered as it works without any electricity outlet. As for A/C power machine, it will offer you the juice you need without needing to recharge. Although, the disadvantage is that you will have to keep the cord connected to the outlet to make it work.

Tennis Ball Capacity:

There are many tennis ball machines that come with holding a capacity of 50 to 300 balls. So, no matter how much ball capacity machine you get for yourself, you will always have to remember just one thing, and that is to clean it all with a perfect strike.


Basically, if you just step a little deep into the types, you will find two of its kinds. While one is a spinning wheel, other is pneumatic pressure.

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Spinning Wheels:

Spinning wheels happen to be the most popular kind of machine. It comes with 2 counter-rotating spinning wheels so it can shoot tennis balls at your akin to that one of a pitching machine. You can adjust the speeds of the two wheels easily for creating topspin and backspin. There are many spinning wheels machines that come with spinning control features.

Pneumatic Air Pressure:

This type is more of an old-school kind. It tends to shoot the ball through a tube with air pressure. It basically needs a little power. But finding a battery powered pneumatic machine can be a tough job. However, you can achieve the spin if you add an extra accessory.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can a tennis ball machine help improve your skills?

A: Absolutely. Unless you have a real person that will be practicing with you, there’s no better way to improve your skills by training through a machine. They are a kind of special device that helps you work on different areas such as on-court movement, strike-back of different shots and court positioning versatility.

Q: Is it essential to get a machine that produces spin?

A: Of course. It’s because you are likely to face such opponents who will throw balls at you by using a variety of different spins. When you will be able to duplicate such kinds of spins with your machine, you can train yourself to deal with each of the strikes well so that you can play at a pro level in the real game.  So having a machine that produces spin does make a great difference.


Life and tennis are very akin to each other. If you can serve well in both field, you will seldom lose. So, to master such kind of game, the best option is to get yourself a machine. Because it will not only take you to another level but also will make the win happen easily. And as the write has highlighted the 8 best of them, it will not be easier for you to pick one that meets your requirements.

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