Best Rangefinder for Bow Hunting – Get Accurate Shots Every Time!

Bow hunting is never easy. However, it is an interesting sport that most people love to practice. It is a kind of sport that is considered great for smart working and decision making. Whenever you are out there, hunting, or practicing archery, the range is not possible to determine just by sight. So, what would you do then? Cool… just take the best rangefinder for bow hunting!

What Is A Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is one of the most demanding tools which measures the distance between the viewer and the targeted visible object and provides optical view finder. There are mainly two types of rangefinder – coincidence and stereoscopic. For hunting, it is important to determine the range for a perfect shoot.

Now, the world with better and bigger discoveries and evolution, you can determine the range with the help of technology. The rangefinders are now available in the market to provide you with the latest functioning and easy evaluation. Now, just with the help of a button, you can determine the range between you and the target.

Here are a few of the Rangefinders that work in the best way possible. To have a closer look at these, continue reading.

The List Of Best Rangefinder For Bow Hunting

1. TecTecTecProWild Hunting Rangefinder
2. Bushnell 202208 BoneCollector Edition 4x-Laser Rangefinder, RealtreeXtra Camo
3. Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder
4. Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder
5. Wosports Hunting Range Finder
6. Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Hunting Golf 600m Camo
7. LaserWorks LW1000SPI Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

good rangefinder for bow hunting

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1. TecTecTecProWild Hunting Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Speed, Scan and Normal Measurements

This hunting laser range finder comes in only single camo color skin in the most affordable price range. It is tagged as a premium product that can measure up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode, which makes it a perfect companion for the social hunters.

The water-resistant and dust-resistant body of the range finder is quite durable, with a multi-layered optic lens that provides an ultra-clear vision of the prey. The range finder is light in weight and is easy-to-carry around on your back while hunting, which makes it portable equipment.

Moreover, this product package includes a carrying pouch, free CR2 battery, strap, and a microfiber cleaning cloth along with a user’s guide to help you with a guide start.

TecTecTecProWild Hunting Rangefinder
  • Range finder comes with a case and lanyard
  • The size of the equipment measures 104 x 72 x 41 mm
  • This lightweight gear weighs just 185grams
  • Continuous scan mode allows consistent accuracy with clear optics
  • Long-range measurement up to 540yards
  • Speed mode enables to measure the speed of a fast-moving object
  • One button option-easy to operate
  • Advance speed technology
  • +/- 1m laser accuracy
  • A multi-layered lens with 6x magnification


  • Portable and durable to have
  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Perfect for long-range measurement
  • The black strap allows a smooth grip and handling of the range finder
  • A guide is given for a quick start


  • Purchasing CR2 batteries can be an additional cost
  • The display measurement is not always accurate
rangefinders for bow hunting review


2. Bushnell 202208 BoneCollector Edition 4x-Laser Rangefinder, RealtreeXtra Camo

Being a hunter, Bushnell 202208 BoneCollector Edition range finder is exactly what you need for a perfect hunting experience. It is beautifully designed with extreme durability. The light weighted body improves its portability, making it a suitable option for taking it on hunting.

The increasing demand of this range finder is a piece of clear evidence that this single button operational equipment is just according to your requirement. HD quality display coming through the crystal clear optic objective lens also allows you the 4x magnification. No doubt, such high magnification makes it the best piece.

This camo colored skin range finder is suitable for rugged places due to its firm grip and rainproof structure. The in-view LCD display with a battery indicator shows the distance of the moving object from the place you are standing in yards and meters.

Bushnell 202208 BoneCollector Edition 4x-Laser Rangefinder
  • Light in weight and easy-to-carry
  • HD crystal clear display
  • 5 inches in size
  • Accurate distance measurement
  • 4x magnification
  • Can measure up to 10 to 600 yards
  • The skin and design makes it efficient, provides protection and make it durable in rugged situations
  • Class 1 laser with<1mW average power output
  • Bright optic lens preferable in low light situations
  • +/- 1yard accuracy
  • Single-button functions make it easy-to-use
  • Comes with a 4x laser and a case for carrying it around


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to hold due to its small size that it can fit in your pocket
  • Water-proof and Dust-resistant
  • Clear display along with battery indicator


  • This doesn’t arc or elevate for a vision in hilly areas
  • No strap attached and available with it
Bushnell 202208 BoneCollector Edition 4x-Laser Rangefinder, RealtreeXtra Camo

3. Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

Usually, people complain that they aren’t able to find an affordable range finder with all the features in it. If you also have one similar complaint, then you need a Simmons 801600 Volt 600 laser Range finder. Using volt 600, you are one tap away from measuring the distance from the place you are standing at to your focused point. It can measure up to 10 to 600 yards area. The crystal clear lens allows you the 4x magnification with an accurate vision of the target.

Its vertical compact design provides a good grip and smooth handling even in hilly terrains. The equipment is water-resistant and dust-resistant, extremely durable and with the hard plastic material body, joined together by the stainless screws.

Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder
  • Comes in a low price range
  • One tap controlled operations make it easy to use
  • 4x magnification lens
  • Crystal clear display provides an HD vision along with battery indicator
  • Measure up to 600 yards
  • High durability and portability
  • Hard plastic material is used in the body
  • Capture fast-moving objects too
  • Product dimensions 7 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Water-proof and dust-resistant
  • The bright display enables it to use in a dark environment as well
  • The hole is made to make it lanyard attachable


  • Easy-to-use
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Accurate vision and measurement


  • No strap is given with it
  • The equipment is comparatively heavier around 250grams
  • Purchasing 1.9V batteries is yet another expenditure
  • No guide or instruction booklet is provided, making it difficult for the user to get it started
Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

4. Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder

Halo XRT range finder by wild game innovations is a plastic body black colored range finder. It allows the measurement diameter of 500 yards to reflective target. The lens of this range finder can magnify up to the power of 6 and provides an HD vision of the target.

Scan mode of the gear enables the constant ranging of the fast-moving target capturing each of its movements. The equipment is water-resistant and comes with a class 3A laser. The compact size of this equipment and weighs makes it more portable. The display is available in many different units like yards, feet, and meters.

This pocket-sized range finder is convenient for punctual hunters, which doesn’t like carrying bulk on their back. Along with carrying it is easy, but also using it is easier with simple functions and guidelines to be followed. Moreover, it is a suitable rangefinder you can pick up for bow hunting in rocky areas.

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder
  • Black colored plastic body is durable in rugged conditions as well
  • Measurement range up to 500 yards
  • Ultra HD optic lens for clear display
  • 6x magnification gives you a closer look at the target
  • Speed mode activation
  • Scanning mode enables the continuous ranging
  • Water-resistant and dust-resistant
  • Comes with III-A laser 5mW or less
  • Size of the range finder is 8 x 3 x 7 inches
  • It weighs 12.5 ounces with approximates up to 355 grams
  • Precise to +/- 1 yards


  • Durable in rough and hilly terrains
  • Provides a clear and accurate measure
  • Small in size helps in better handling


  • Comparatively heavier than other similar range finders
  • Doesn’t comes with any strap or any skin for a good grip
  • Lithium-ion batteries are required to use it
Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder

5. Wosports Hunting Range Finder

This camo-colored skin hunting range finder by Wosports is multifunctional equipment perfect for hunting in jungles or mountainous regions. It comes with laser (type 905nm) for hunting sports along with distance measures. The accuracy range of the measure is from 5 to 650 yards with flag lock accessibility up to 150 yards.

The continuous measurement scan mode helps in tracking a fast-moving object by keeping an eye on all its movement. The recorded data is then displayed on the high-definition LCD.

A fully multi-coated lens provides a clear track of the target and flagged points. The body of the range finder is dust-resistant. However, there could be some error in measurements if the weather is not clear enough.

Wosports Hunting Range Finder
  • 6x magnification lens
  • Field of view 7 degrees
  • 25mm objective lens
  • 16mm eyepiece lens
  • 5-1 measuring time
  • Pinseeker range 5m to 100m
  • Weight of the range finder is 272 grams
  • Scan mode allows continuous measurement
  • Golf mode allows flag lock
  • Speed functions allow tracking of fast-moving objects, enables the speed measurement
  • You will get a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support
  • Auto-turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Small in size that it can fit in your pocket
  • Long-life battery usage


  • 6x magnifications give a closer look at the target
  • Quick measuring time
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Light in weight
  • Less battery consumption / power-efficient


  • The range finder is not water-proof
  • Batteries are not rechargeable
  • Manual adjustment of the focusing lens
  • The package doesn’t include a guide book
Wosports Hunting Range Finder

6. Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Hunting Golf 600m Camo

Visionking 6×25 range finder comes with camo-colored skin along with a bag for carrying it around along with you. It measures up to 650 yards with scan mode that enables continuous ranging of the target. It also allows to flag lock any possible point within the measurable range.

 This hunting rangefinder is perfect during hazards and in wooded areas. Its water-resistant and dust-resistant body makes it more durable in such rugged situations. The pin sensor technology installed in the equipment provides fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy.

The range finder is light in weight and is portable to carry around while hunting. In addition to the bag 1 CR2 battery, lanyard, and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth is provided for better handling and control over the range finder.

Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Hunting Golf 600m Camo
  • 6x magnification lens
  • 25mm objective lens
  • Eyepiece lens for better-focused experience
  • Crystal clear lens with fully multi-coated
  • The exit pupil of 3.8mm
  • Eye relief size up to 12mm
  • The distance can measure from 15 to 600 meters
  • +/- 1m accuracy
  • Display with LCD battery indicator
  • Dimensions are 125x73x40mm
  • Weighs up to 250grams
  • Semiconductor laser measurement that is harmless for eyes
  • Rain-guard structural hard plastic body
  • CR-2 3V batteries required to operate this range finder


  • Comparatively light in weight
  • Accurate measurement
  • 6x magnification gives a closer look at the target
  • Water-resistant and dust-resistant
  • Comes along with a guide book for a quick start


  • Batteries are not included in the package
  • No policy regarding the warranty for customers or after-sales service
Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder Hunting Golf 600m Camo

7. LaserWorks LW1000SPI Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

This laser-equipped range finder has high range measurement operations up to 1000 yards with a powerful optical lens with 6x magnification. Speed mode allows ultra-fast measurement of fast-moving objects.

Other functions of this range finder involve measuring the distance between your standing point and the targeted point. It also measures the speed of the object along with the flagpole locking system. Fog modes minimize the possible errors in measurements during harsh weather conditions. Also, it is a perfect rangefinder for bow hunting that comes with an easy manual.

The gear is water-resistant as well as dust-resistant, making it more durable and reliable in different circumstances. This one key operable equipment has an auto power-off function after the 15 seconds of inactivity. This compact-sized range finder is easy to carry around and get fit into your pocket.

LaserWorks LW1000SPI Laser Rangefinder for Hunting
  • Efficient and most accurate performance
  • Easy to use design
  • Incredibly compact and light in weight
  • 21mm objective lens
  • 6x magnification power
  • 2 degrees view angle
  • Accuracy to +/-1m
  • CR-2 3V battery required
  • 1000 meters maximum range
  • It comes with a laser, lanyard, carrying bag, wiping cloth, and user manual.
  • Can track object speed within 300km/h
  • Fog mode, Scan mode, and flagpole locking enable
  • 100% safe for the user’s eyes
  • Product dimensions 4.2×2.4×1.4 inches
  • Product weight up to 4.8 ounces


  • Light in weight
  • Small in size
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Come with a user manual for easy and quick setup
  • Water and dust resistant


  • Doesn’t take slope consideration
  • Cannot be set on a tripod stand
  • It comes with no warranty or customer support
LaserWorks LW1000SPI Laser Rangefinder for Hunting

Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Hunting Rangefinder

Rangefinder for bow hunting is available in the market. When you are striving to get the perfect rangefinder, you need to have some knowledge about it beforehand.   


One most important thing while buying a rangefinder is the budget. You will not end up splurging when you have a set budget. The normal rangefinder can cost you from $50 and more. However, if you want a rangefinder, that works excellent, you need to increase your budget to get a rangefinder that works for ages.

Angle Compensation:

The rangefinder with the software that has an angle compensation property is important. If your rangefinder has the angle evaluation and compensation is the best to have. This is the property that will help you find the distance accurately.


While you go for bow hunting, you need to look for weight. If the weight is heavy, it will be difficult for you to carry with all the other bow hunting stuff. So, it is recommended to carry a rangefinder that is lightweight and does not trouble you while carrying.


There are two types of lights that come in the Rangefinders- the black and the red vivid light. The black light will work for you in the bright light. Whereas, when there is a dark, the red light will work the best for you.


The range matters a lot. When you are bow hunting the range can be a little less. So, you do not need a rangefinder that has an extensive range. So, you have the liberty of choosing a rangefinder that has a comparatively low range.


Q: How Does The Rangefinder Work?

You need to know the mechanism at which the rangefinder works. The rangefinder is of no use for you if you are unfamiliar with the purpose and the way it works. So, before you struggle to search the price and other specs, learn how the rangefinder works and how to use it.

The rangefinder is not the same as pulling the bow and aiming it. You will see a beam of light approaching the target, soon after you push the button. The beam reflects back to the rangefinder and not it calculated the time it took to reach and reflect back from the target. This time is used to calculate the distance between the rangefinder and the target.

Q: Which Rangefinder Is Best For You?

There are two types of range finders that can work for you. But you need to decide where you will be using this rangefinder. One is the rangefinder that is made for quick and easy estimation of distance. Whereas, the other type is the rangefinder that is designed for the obstructed area, with tree and jungle areas. Our choice for bow hunting is the Bushnell, for the quality and functioning.

Final Thoughts

The market is full of rangefinders. However, if you want the best rangefinder for bow hunting, you need to set your priorities. The choice of the best one is based on your budget and need. We would recommend you, get the Pro wild hunting rangefinder. It is of great quality and an amazing price. Also, one other close catch is the affordable rangefinder is the Bushnell. However, all the above-mentioned products are the best-reviewed and rated. Also, according to the customer’s reviews, these range finders stand out and provide what they promise.

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