Best Mountain Hunting Boots Reviews – 2021

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Wondering what a successful Hunting trip requires? Well, certainly more than just the weapon for hunting. Hunting is an activity that requires excellence, experience, and patients. And more than that, you also need to have the necessary equipment and accessories for successful hunting.

While hunting, you will often encounter a difficult situation, sloppy surface, hazardous Terrain, and much more. So, to call it a successful hunting trip, make sure you have the best mountain hunting boots. If you are looking for the best options, we have compiled the mountain hunting boots for you. Take a look at these boots before you plan for a hunting trip in the mountains.

10 Best Mountain Hunting Boots

Below are the top ten boots for mountain hunting. These are, no doubt, the Ideal boots for men and women,

Best Mountain Boots

6 Best Mountain Boots For Men

1. Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Hiking Boots

When looking for leather boots, there are many options that you will come across in the market. One of them will be Danner boots. These boots have been in the market for a long time and made a name because of the promising quality.

Danner mountain boot brand is one of the famous brands for mountain boots and popular for its high quality. These are men’s both that are 4.5 inches high. These boots are available in various colors and made from durable leather. This leather material enhances the durability and long-lasting life of the leather boots.

Danner Men’s Mountain 600 Hiking Boots


These sports are on the top of the list because of its Mega grip technology, which helps with superior gripping on wet and dry surfaces. It also comes with waterproof protection, which is an excellent feature as well. There is enhanced support in the ankle and heel area to provide more stability. Then nylon shank and maximum rebound midsole are perfect for hunting boots. It is available in various colors with perfect cushioning. These boots are made from full-grain leatherandmade to last. The height of 4.5 inches is perfect for mountain hunting.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These mountain boots are made from full-grain leather, which makes it waterproof.
  • The support, stability, and comfort of these boots are superior.
  • The midsole enhances comfort and stability.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • Not the best in terms of slip resistance

2. KenetrekMen’s Mountain Extreme Hunting Boots

Leather boots are always the priority of all the people who are planning for mountain hunting. There can be various reasons why people prefer leather boots, but one of the most important features is the waterproofing. On our list, we have another men’s mountain extreme hunting that can be helpful for mountain hunting.

The Kenetrek mountain boots are another one of the great quality mountain boots made of leather. There is the midsole of Nylon material, which enhances the waterproofing quality. And over that, there is top grain leather material for better durability. The midsoles also have high traction outsoles, which is another one of the great manufacturing features.

KenetrekMen’s Mountain Extreme Hunting Boots


If you want the mountain hunting boots for warmer weather, this can be your perfect option because these are not insulated. It will help you in keeping your feet dry even in the warm weather. It is made from comfortable and breathable material. These waterproof leather mountain hunting boots are incredible in terms of support and stability. Also, the lightweight and comfort are the other two advantages of these Leather boots.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These boots are perfect for warmer weather.
  • The boots are sturdy, durable, and comfortable.
  • You can easily go for 10 to 12 miles on consecutive days in these hunting boots with extreme comfort and waterproofing.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • Good for warmer areas but not the best for hunting in the mountains where it can be snow.

3. KenetrekMen’s Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hunting Boots

When you are planning for mountain hunting, you should not take the risk of wearing non-insulated boots. There is a chance of frostbite and cold air seeping into your feet and making them super chilly. It can be uncomfortable. Especially when you plan to go hunting in winters, there is no point that you should take the risk of using non-insulated mountain boots.

We have an ideal option for insulated boots. These men’s mountain extreme 400 insulated hunting boots are the perfect option for you to choose while you are planning for mountain hunting. It is made of leather, and these are properly insulated. There is a layer of Nylon with a 2.8 millimeter top layer of leather. This enhances the waterproofing feature.

KenetrekMen’s Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hunting Boots


These boots are made from breathable material and have 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation that keeps your feet warm, dry, and cozy. People love these boots for the incredible support and stability it provides. Moreover, these boots are super lightweight and comfortable and can be perfect for your mountain hunting journey.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These mountain boots are incredibly insulated to provide your feet with a warm and dry environment.
  • These boots fit perfectly and are super lightweight.
  • The ankle support and stability is amazing for these boots.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • These boots may lack comfort.

4. Pike Trail Leg GaitersFor Mountain Hunting, Trekking And Hiking

Sometimes the boots with short height are not enough for mountain hunting. When you are planning for a tough mountainous journey and may come across rivers and streams and mud puddles, you have to be prepared for it beforehand. And in that case, you will require leg gaiters. These leg gaiters will be the protection layer for your legs.

The Pike trail leg gaiters are great for mountain hunting. Do you know why? These leg gaiters are waterproof and Tear resistant. These are made from durable polyester to ensure the legs are safe from any kind of moisture. The polyester material prevents the water, mud, no, or any other damaging material from reaching out to your clothes. These leg gaiters also have buckles for enhanced protection, and the bucket is made from metal for enhanced and increased durability.

Pike Trail Leg GaitersFor Mountain Hunting, Trekking And Hiking


People like the product because of its simple and easy fit and lightweight property. You will also love these leg gaiters for hiking and climbing or even hunting. These are strong, sturdy, and perfect for mountain hunting. It is made from high-quality polyester material with a carry bag for easy carrying in your backpack.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These leg gaiters are simple and provide great support.
  • Protect your clothes from water, mud, snow, and dirt.
  • These are easy to carry and super lightweight.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • Not the best in terms of sturdiness

5. Smoky Mountain Waterproof Men’s Hunter Boot

In search of something that is high-quality and in your budget? We know what you are looking for. The mountain boots usually required to be high quality and made from incredible material. When you are looking for mountain boots, make sure you check the compatibility and sturdiness of the boots.

The Smoky mountain boots are one of the great choices if you are looking for waterproof boots. These boards are great for men and also have a western heel for increased stability. These boots are in the color camo, which is easy to blend in the wild areas and on mountains to save you from any wild attack. The round toe that the boot features enhances the comfort for your foot and your toe.

Smoky Mountain Waterproof Mens Hunter Boot


This is one of the great quality hunting boots made from leather. The rubber sole is created for comfort for your heels. The height of these boots is 11 inches, which is perfect for keeping you safe from any kind of Dirt or mud puddles. These hunting boots are affordable, and high-quality boots made of leather and have an incredible waterproof feature will stop the height of these boots are also incredible.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These boots by Smoky Mountain are made of high-quality leather and Are waterproof.
  • These boots are great in terms of affordability and comfort.
  • The design of these boots is also great.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • Nothing to mention

6. Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boots

Various kinds of boots are available in the market. These boots have various price points and quality factors. Some of the low budget goods are not as great and durable as the high end. When you are planning to explore the high-end mountain boot options, we have one for you.

The Scarpa Mountaineering boots are no doubt a mountain boots option. These are the boots made of leather material and Vibram sole. The heel height of these boots is 1.5 inches. These boots are perfect for mountain hunting. The boots opening has a length of 15 inches for more comfort.

Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot


The design of these Mountaineering boots is casual and perfect for wearing it during climbing and hunting. It is made from durable material and has an ideal construction for lasting longer. You will love the style and the design of these boots and the sturdy and snugly fit as well. Scarpa is a well-known brand for ages, and they are known for their footwear made perfectly for climbing, Mountaineering, trail running, skin, and hiking. This is one other example of the incredible footwear which is made perfectly for outdoor pursuits.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These boots are just perfect for Mountaineering and hiking because of the incredible construction.
  • These high-end boots are made to last longer than any other usual boots.
  • These boots are extremely comfortable and have great support and stability.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • The Vibram sole can split over time.

4 Best Mountain Boots For Women

1. Danner Women’s Mountain 600 4.5 Inch Waterproof Hiking Boots

While talking about women’s boots, there is nothing much different. Still, the design and the construction of the boots is to enhance the comfort when you are looking for the women mountain hunting boots you need to look for the design and the construction for better comfort.

The Danner women hunting boots are insulated properly, which makes it perfect for wearing it during winters and on the places where there can be snowfall. These boots are available in various colors and made from full-grain leather material. The rubber sole and shaft measure is perfect for Incredible comfort and stability for the feet. It will keep your feet dry and warm while hiking on mountain hunting. These boots are also waterproof, so you do not have to worry about mud puddles, snow, or dirt.

Danner Women’s Mountain 600


 The enhanced open cell ortholitefootbed is perfect for cushioning the feet properly. One other thing that enhances comfort and support is the Vibram sole. The nylon shank under the leather material makes the mountain boots waterproof and stable. The matter grip technologies are also perfect for superior grip.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These boots are comfortable, stable, and sturdy to wear during mountain hiking.
  • These mountain hiking boots are beautiful and made of lightweight material.
  • The easy-grip feature of these boots is incredible.
  • The cushioning in the insole is a great advantage.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • The arch support is not the strongest.

2. Danner Women’s 3800 Mountain Light Hiking Boots

Comfort and durability are the two main features of any hiking boots. When you are planning to buy any hiking boots, make sure you keep your eyes on the comfort and the sturdiness of the boots. If you are finding it difficult to figure out the best option, we have one for you.

These Danner women’s hiking boots are made from leather material and provide extreme durability. Comfort is another feature that it provides to the user. The color and design are super incredible. It is made from one piece of full-grain leather material on the upper side. And it is perfect in terms of the height as well. The length between the Arch and shaft is 5.5 inches full stop, and it also comes with gore-tex waterproof lining on the inside that makes it super breathable and easy breezy.

Danner Women’s 3800


People love this board because of its incredible and ergonomic design, which is perfect for hiking. Stitch down strength and stability is amazing. And the fiberglass Shank is also amazing for the insulation. No doubt, it is one of the best mountain hunting boots.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These boots are sturdy, comfortable, and durable.
  • The size and the fit of these boots are extremely incredible if you understand them properly.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • These boots have insoles that are not the best.

3. KenetrekWomen’s Mountain Insulated Boots.

 Sometimes people also look for the best rubber hunting boots, but when you are planning for mountain hunting, you should look for the leather boots that are durable and easy to wear. The mountain boots are particularly made for hunting, climbing, and hiking. These boots also require a strong grip system.

Kenetrek Women's Mountain Extreme Insulated Hiking Boot


While you are looking for mountain boots, we have another option for you. These are another one of the best women mountain boots. The kenetrek boots are made from 100% leather material and have a rubber sole. The shaft size is seven and a half inches from the arch, and the heel measures up to 1 1 by 4 inches. Also, the opening of the boots is 13 inches. And it has a 2.5-millimeter layer of leather. These boots are abrasion-resistant with 5-millimeter nylon midsoles. These boots are insulated so you can wear them in snow and mud and Areas where the temperature will be cold.

Women like these boots because of their amazing and snugly fit. These boots have an installation of 400-gram Thinsulate, but they are still lightweight and easy and comfortable to wear.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These abrasion-resistant boots have a great and snuggly fit.
  • These boots are comfortable and sturdy.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • Insulation is not the best to keep your feet warm.

4. Mountain Warehouse Women’s Softshell Waterproof Hiking Boots

Most of the time, the hard shell boots and not the best, and you may want softshell boots. In that case, these boots by mountain warehouse are the best ones to find. These boots are not only Super affordable but made from high-quality material.

Mountain Warehouse Women's Softshell Waterproof Hiking Boots


These boots have a rubber sole, and these boots are also waterproof to keep your feet dry and moisture-free. These flexible and lightweight boots are long-lasting and durable for a longer period of time. Also, the phylon midsole is lightweight, and the forming of this midsole is super Amazing. There is extra comfort with extra cushioning.

 Don’t miss out on these women’s boots as they are super affordable and great for hunting and hiking. However, these boots may not be the best to wear during super cold weather as you can have frostbite.

Why Do We Like The Product?:

  • These boots are super great and cute and also have an incredible fit.
  • These waterproof boots work great, and these are comfortable as well.

Why Do We Not Like The Product?:

  • Not the best in terms of comfort and stability

Buying Guide

Do you think buying hunting boots is as easy as buying loafers and sneakers from any nearby shop? Well, it is certainly not that easy. You need to look for various options and Research to find out the best option for the mountain boots that work for you.

Below are the features that you should look for when you are planning to buy the mountain boots. Carefully examine each of these books’ features to ensure that you are not investing in something that is low quality or not worth having for mountain hunting.


During hunting, you may come across several situations that require your boots to be waterproof. You will have to go through sloppy areas or parts, and you would not want to get all messy in your shoes.

Not only that is, avoiding any miserable experience or waterproofing is important. The waterproofing enhances the boots’ quality and helps you move confidently without any pressure or fear while going through the streams and rivers. The areas of the locations filled with mud are another issue while you are on the hunting journey. The puddles and the patches of mud can be a tough one to get through. Some boots come with the cortex lining, which is incredibly full stop initially. You would have to invest a little extra money on boots with this lining, but you will be happy with the waterproofing of these boots for a longer run. With waterproof boots, you will not have to go through any miserable accident or incident while on a trail for hunting.

Fitting Of The Boots:

Another important aspect to consider is the fitting of the boots. The good fit of the hunting boats is super important. If your boots are not comfortable, you will not be comfortable on the whole hunting journey. It is best to try on your hunting boots before you go for a hunting trail. If you have new boots, make sure you wear them around in your house or anywhere else before you take them out for the longer trail or hunting journey. There has to be enough room for your foot and your toe to relax. If the boots are not providing you enough comfort, you will end up not liking tissues, and your hunting journey will be miserable.

Proper Insulation:

Hunting in winters can be fun, but when your boots are not insulated properly, it can be a huge issue and a miserable experience. When you have cold feet, and you are away from the campsite, you will regret the decision of buying the hunting boots that have no insulation. Frostbite is another issue that can arise while hunting in the wild in the peak of winter. So, check your boots for insulation, which will help you to keep your feet warm in winters. It will also prevent the air from seeping into your boots and freezing your feet. However, if you are planning to hunt in summer, insulation is not that big offer issue, and it can result in overheating as well.

Height Of The Boots:

The height can vary based on your needs and requirements. However, make sure the ankle support is appropriate and adequate that comes with the hunting boat. If you are planning for hunting and vintage and in mud and snow and even water and rivers, then the hunting boots with high height are the perfect option available. And if you are hunting and dryer and warmer areas, the shorter hunting boats can be your perfect option as they will prevent you and your feet from overheating and provide the ultimate comfort that you need.

Sole Of The Boots:

The Sole of the hunting boots needs to be stiff and heavy to ensure it can bear all the weight and rough Terrain. The thinnest sole of the hunting Boots will not provide adequate support and arc support. So it is best to check out the stability and the support of the Sole of the hunting boots.

Which Socks Are The Best To Wear With The Hunting Boots?

Most people overlook this factor and regret while hunting. When you are going hunting, make sure you are wearing a sock that has the following qualities.

  • Don’t wear cotton socks. Make sure you wear something that is moisture repellent that can be polyester or nylon or polypropylene that ensures that your feet stay dry and help with the temperature and other conditions.
  • When hunting in cold areas, make sure that you are wearing warm socks, and you are not feeling Chilly. The socks made of polypropylene or merino wool can be the best to provide the warmth that you need.
  • For the support, the boots may have something, but the socks need to provide the support. Wear something that provides ankle support and support with the weight that you are carrying.
  • Also, make sure if you have sensitive skin, you are wearing something comfortable enough. If the socks are the boots are not comfortable enough, you will end up regretting wearing them throughout your hunting journey.
  • When you’re out hunting in mountains, it’s wise to carry suitable walkie talkies for mountains. Because proper communication is important for success when you’re hunting in a team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Should Be The Height Of Your Hunting Boots?

A: The height of your hunting boots depends upon your plan. When you are planning to buy hunting boots, make sure that you have a robust plan of where to use them. If you are planning to wear hunting boots in winter and to the places where there can be snow on mud, it is best to find a hunting boot with a longer height. Have ever if you are planning to hunt during the summers and the areas that you will be hunting in a dry and warm lookout for the hunting boats that have shorter height.

Q: Is There Any Ideal Weight For Hunting Boats?

A: The weight of the hunting boots depends upon the person. One will find a hunting boat lightweight, whereas the other person will find it super heavy. So, the same weight does not work for every person. The choices are different, and the plan for hunting is different for everyone. It also depends upon the gear and amount of accessories that you are carrying. Usually, you will not find the super lightweight hunting boots. You will find the hunting boots between 2 Lbs to 5 lbs. However, try to get the boots and wear them before going hunting to ensure that you are comfortable with the weight and the other accessories of the boots.

Q: What Makes Hunting Both The Best Option?

A: When you are trying to find the ideal piece of hunting boots, among many options in the market, you must look for the features. Based on the features, you can decide which one is the best boots for hunting. Look for the comfort, insulation, equality, fitting of the boot, and price of the hunting boots. According to your personal preference, you can find the best and the perfect option available.


When you are planning for hunting, the hunting boots will play an important role in your whole journey. It will determine whether your journey goes well or not. You can be super happy with the boat and the whole hunting journey if you have the best hunting boots, and because of the boots, your journey can be miserable. So, you know that choosing the boots can be an important option when planning on the mountainous areas. So, place your best bet and find out the ideal option available for the hunting boots. If you are looking for an opinion, we would recommend you to get the Danner hunting boots for men, which are one of our favorite and no doubt the best mountain hunting boots that you can get. Also, to stay safe from frostbite and a sprained ankle, make sure you are wearing comfortable socks that give great support. Also, for women, the Danner hunting boots are the perfect and ideal option based on quality, durability, and waterproofing features.

Not just hunting boots but other aspects also play an important role while you are hunting in the mountainous treks. On our list above, you will find some of the great hunting boots that will ensure your hunting journey is amazing. Keep an eye on these high-quality boots that can make your hunting journey incredible, comfortable and exciting.