Best Layout Blind: How to Choose the Right One for You

What Is A Layout Blind?

One of the most significant innovations has been the arrival of the layout blinds. It is one kind of hunting equipment that allows a hunter to conceal during hunting in the open pastures where the birds or prays come and forage. It will enable you to cover yourself and to disappear from birds. So that the hunts will unconsciously walk near you, and you will be able to shoot with no missing!

best layout blinds

With the use of layout blinds, you can now comfortably conceal yourself for hunting on open crop fields, free from any cover, where traditional blinds cannot be used. Hence, this season, spend your time outdoors wisely on your rear end, hunting your prey from the best layout blind it is!

Although you might find it a little difficult to shoot from a layout blind because of the upright position you have to be in for long hours, however, with consistent practice and the right type of layout blind, you are likely to get into action.

Take a look at some of these layout blinds that you can work on with. In the end, let us know your favorite!

Comparison Of The Best Layout Blinds



Key Features

Rating & Price

ALPS OutdoorZ Layout Blind



✅ Flared sides
✅ No assembly required
✅ Compact for transport
✅ Padded Headrest

Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blinds

✅ polyester fabric
✅ Full length padded seat & headrest
✅ 6 profile settings

Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind

✅ hideout and ergonomic support
✅ windproof 100% polyester
✅ Backpack-style

Gerbing 7V Battery Heated Hunting Blind

✅ Gerbing 7V Battery Heated
✅ Advanced Microwire Technology

Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind

✅ Camouflage straps
✅ secure carrying strap

Avery KillerWeed Layout Blind Kit

✅ Ultra-realistic concealment material
✅ Individual strands
✅ Rot and mildew resistant

Top 6 Best Layout Blind Reviews For 2022

Layout Blind

# 1. ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

ALPS OutdoorZ has been manufacturing and designing topnotch hunting packs and gears since 2007 for the modern hunters today. With shared passion, ALPS OutdoorZ partnering with Delta Waterfowl brings out brand-new high-quality equipment for enthusiastic waterfowl hunters. There’s no doubt on the first-class fabrics, materials and design elements that ALPS OutdoorZ has compiled to present the Delta Waterfowl Gear – certainly one of the best gears for hunting goose and duck.

best layout blind

Apart from that, if look into details, the zero-gravity layout blind is what is going to make you feel comfortable for long hours of hunting. Moreover, the high chair keeps away from cold or hard grounds and positions your legs in a suitable posture, all in a stealthy, low profile. The fabric on its blind body flares on all the sides, hiding you at a greater distance from geese and ducks by protecting you from harsh edges. And you know what the best part is? There’s no pin or pole that you have to deal with to assemble it.

Plus, the heavy-duty waterproof cloth protects you all the way when the weather gets harsh, but you still want to hunt. The mesh face screen covers you up perfectly without blocking your view of the sky. The zipper at the back gives you easy access to the pit storage area. The layout blind comes with stubble straps for better concealment and a padded headrest for utmost comfort. The opening dimension at the cockpit area is of 24″ by 56″ and also features two zippered flag ports immediately next to the doors.

You’ll never have issues moving about in the blind because it has plenty of space on the inside for you to swing both rights and left. The spread-out design allows you to take along some extra gears with you if you want. And because of its reclined comfortable chair position, you can enjoy every moment of your hunting.

Why do we like it?
  • No assembly required
  • The stubble straps provide better concealment
  • Foldable
Take a note:
  • Only one-year warranty
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# 2. Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blinds, Realtree Max 4

When you go hunting, surely there’s no compromise on the layout blinds. And why should there be any compromise when you can get the AMERISTEP Duck Commander Landing Strip delivered at the ease of your home! It is constructed from highly durable 600D polyester fabrics; meaning that it will serve you as many times as you go hunting out in the upcoming seasons. What’s remarkable about this blind is that it can be easily set up in different configurations, making it ideal for concealment in various types of hunting.

best layout blind reviews

As per the measurements, it’s about 85″ long and 35″ wide. The layout blind is engineered with a robust, rustproof aluminium frame that makes it the most stringent model to serve you for years after years. The joints are strengthened with steels that further boost their stability and durability. As we mentioned about the polyester fabrics, it features high-resolution Max 4 camo patterns for the best concealment. Nonetheless, you can adjust the multiple frames accordingly to set up the blind in up to 6 profiles – making it the perfect choice to satisfy your hunting needs.

It all comes with a fully padded seat and a comfortable backrest, assuring you are in total comfort for the long hours you will be staying there. This makes it great for many waterfowl hunting situations; starting from an enclosed, uncovered field to the edge of a swamp or even a pothole, where the ducks usually guard themselves.

Why do we like it?
  • Comfortable for long hours of hunting sessions
  • Heavy-duty
  • Durable with its aluminium frames and steel joints
  • 600D polyester fabrics
Take a note:
  • Doors remain wide open as complained by many users
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# 3. Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind, Max-4

Step up your game with this Big Gunner from Beavertail. With this new ergonomically contoured backrest, you don’t need to worry about neck pain or a headache as it keeps supported for hours in comfort in the field. The good thing is, the Big Gunner gives you ample space for your foot on the inside of the blind while compacting your profile to keep you low-key. The adjustable lift flap makes it easier for you to get into position faster and focus on your shot when it’s time.

best layout blind 2019

The layout blind comes with a backpack style carry harness and weighs only about 24 pounds for which transferring it from place to place wouldn’t be a problem at all. Plus, the lift assist backrest is made of sturdy and long-lasting polythene. On top of that, the durable, powder-coated black aluminium constructed frame holds it up for hunters for more extended hours without any difficulty. The 600 Denier material makes it off the highest-quality possible and of course, sturdier. Oh, and the best part, it’s 100% windproof.

Taking the Big Gunner for hunting keeps you completely worry-free because it has a waterproof base with slide lock deployment (no pins) so that you can go ahead with your action. That’s why we’d say that its waterproof ability makes it ideal for waterfowlers, who are in dire need of a hideout as well as ergonomic support. It keeps you concealed until it’s “go time”. Furthermore, the design of this layout blind features an increased elbow, leg space, chest space with more massive doors, face and mesh are while continuing to keep a sleek profile.

Why do we like it?
  • Easy to carry because of the backpack carry harness
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Ergonomic support
Take a note:
  • The feet may not stay up as shown in the pictures if extended for more extended hours of time

# 4. Gerbing’s Hunting Sports Blind Heat Seat Cushion

Hunters who have already used the Gerbing Blind Heat Cushion expressed their happiness and joy. Most importantly, they advised other hunters that they can use it anywhere they want, but when hunting goes to a freezing, cold weather atmosphere, this thing certainly comes in handy. It is effortless to assemble and helps to keep you warm and cozy throughout the time you are in the frozen ground, and the birds are flying around you.

best layout blind reviews 2019

The incredible cushion provides warmth for your legs and lowers back while you wait for your perfect shot. This cushion is not only about hunting, but it’s also great for other activities too. You can take it for your other adventures and use it to sit on it, lie on it or even use it as a heated bed. Most reviewers have claimed that it worked wonderfully as a heated bed out in the boat or on the ice.

So, if you are wondering how this works, we’ll tell you how. The flexible fiber materials are fabricated into heating panels that are waterproof and strategically placed throughout the inner pads to create an intense, uniform heat coverage. Another advantage of this blind is its 7V 4Ah lithium rechargeable battery that even has a microprocessor controller that can help you regulate five different heat settings. And did we mention the USB port that allows you to charge your phone while you heat the chair? That’s right, it does have a USB port. In addition, when this cutting-edge heating system combines with the soft, comfortable dual-density foam, you are going to experience the most comfortable innovation out during your hunting time.

Your hunting experience is likely going to be so much more than just hunting with eye-catching, attractive design chairs. Indeed, it will keep you healthy and happy when the roughness of the winter hits you.

Why do we like it?
  • Keeps you warm and comfortable outdoors
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with rechargeable lithium batteries
Take a note:
  • Might not be suitable for warm weathers

# 5. Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind

After going through a lot of other layout blinds, we have found this to be the best layout blind for big hunters. The Big Man Layout Blind by Wildfowler gives total concealment and enables him to hunt in comfort. Weighing only about 24 pounds, this is easy to carry into any field with the carrying strap. You don’t need to spend too much time setting up the blind as it sets up in seconds and gives you optimum concealment and use it effortlessly. Even in the windiest conditions, the spring-loaded wings remain closed.

best layout blind forever

You can quickly move in and out of the blind in complete freedom when it’s time for you to shoot your prey. The reclined seat along with the attached seat cushion and headrest provides excellent comfort, while the open end gives plenty of room for big and tall hunters. As the name suggests “Big Man” has dimensions about 32″ W x 72″ L x 22″ H, which is entirely fair for hunters who wear 4X clothing or bigger. As a matter of fact, it can accommodate hunters as large as 400 pounds and use it comfortably as a concealer.

The camouflage straps allow hunters to add natural foliage for total concealment. Moreover, the straps come with Velcro closures that make it easier to open and close whenever necessary. Easy to carry, lightweight and comfortable, this is a must-have for hunters who are ready to hunt properly.

Why do we like it?
  • Lightweight; easy to carry
  • Headrest and attached seat cushions provided
  • High level of concealment
  • Ideal for big sized hunters
Take a note:
  • Might be a bit too big for skinny hunters

# 6. Avery KillerWeed Layout Blind Kit

The Avery KillerWeed Layout Blind Kit provides the best concealment you will ever find. With the use of this kit, you can easily adjust the environment you want to hunt. To be more precise, the KillerWeed Layout Blind is designed from individual strands of synthetic raffia grasses in bundles that have individually been dyed to contrast with the actual environmental condition and then mix to create the most effective hunting blind ever. In fact, it’s said to provide ultra-realistic concealment that blends excellently into cut grains, flooded fields and backgrounds.

Avery KillerWeed Layout Blind Kit

It works excellent for complementing almost any single specific environment or as a Golden Harvest Kit, Five-color All-terrain Kit and Winter Wheat Kit too. This kit undoubtedly works excellent, with its mildew resistant technology, it is perfect for any environment like green grass fields or anything along with those environments. All you have to do is choose your style that best suits the background and watches as your blind disappear amidst. And if you want, you can even use it alone, without the grass.

This layout blind is unbelievably sturdy and weather resistant. KillerWeed is an ideal camo cover for your layout blind. Each 2-pound blind kit entirely conceals any layout style ground or used to touch up boat blinds. Make sure to brush your blind once you are done with your hunting!

Why do we like it?
  • Excellent concealment
  • Mildew resistant
  • Conceals either two mid-sized blinds or 1 full sized blind.
  • Made of individual strands of synthetic raffia grass
Take a note:
  • Requires multiple bundles/ pounds to cover just about anything

How To Shoot From The Layout Blind:

Shooting from a layout blind is not everyone’s cup of tea. A range of motion is limited by the near horizontal sitting position, and of course, safety measures must be taken seriously at all costs. Here are some more tips on how you could shoot from a layout blind successfully, without missing your target:

  • Practice: Besides your hunting times, how often do you sit on the chair and rehearsal hunting? Well, if you want to get better, all you need to do is practice consistently by shooting clay targets.
  • Position carefully: If you’re the type of hunter who likes to shoot while remaining seated, we tell you that you are limiting your range of motion. If you’re right-handed, it would be difficult for you to rotate to the right and so is the opposite for lefties. Try to place the blind in such a way that it maximises your number of shots taken on the side where your shotgun is already pointing naturally.
  • Dig in: If you’re a big hunter, it might be a little difficult for you to bring yourself upright when it’s time to shoot! Experts suggest that you should dig a 4 – 6 inches deep hole where you can position your derriere in the blind. Plus, this puts in an upright position from the beginning. This method is tried and tested.
  • Be Patient, yet flexible: Always remember that the best way to increase your chances of shooting from a layout blind is to allow the birds to get closer to you. However, be prepared to move about when the situations change, and the birds are not coming. These tips are not just for enhancing your aim at shooting, but also for developing your hunting skills.

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Safety First:

  • Shoot forward: This is not just in case of layout blinds, but in any case, of hunting. Also, make sure not to shoot over your partner’s head and do not walk in front of other hunters unless they have all unloaded their guns. And if the wind direction changes and the birds are landing where it’s unsafe to shoot, then change your setup.
  • Keep safeties on: Many hunters have said to have the bad habit of flipping their securities when the birds are working the decoys. This is particularly dangerous because your negligent discharge could be because of your unplanned moved over the confined space, wearing bulky clothes could cause a lot of damage. Hold your gun in the safest position until all the other hunters are settled, and their firearms are shouldered.
  • Protect your eyes and ears: Of course, you wouldn’t want to lose your eyesight or your hearing while hunting a duck; it’s so not worth it. Hence, protect yourself when you prepare yourself for the shooting. While hearing loss is irreversible, your eyesight, in extreme cases, might also cause permanent blindness. Think of it this way, wearing goggles or safety glasses would provide you with better target visibility in low-light or bright conditions.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger: Always and always keep your finger off the trigger until you have a clear view of your target and you know that it’s safe to shoot. More often than not, in cold weather, a hunter who wears thick gloves might slide their finger into the trigger guard with it. This can cause an accidental fire. Hence, it’s best to keep your finger away from the trigger guard until you are actively seeking for a target.
  • Set your own ground rules: Once you are in the ground, you’ll be surprised at the number of hunters in a particular zone. Therefore, before anything begins, ensure that you and the other fellow hunters are aware of the safety rules. Know your space, keep track of your muzzle and always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, no matter what. Some hunters may think that these conversations are unnecessary without knowing about the other hunter’s experience. Sometimes, they need to brush up their skills and get a gentle reminder of the rules.

Make The Right Choice:

We totally understand what you must be going through right now. You must have thought that it’s just a layout blind and that it won’t cause too much trouble while trying to get one for yourself to kickstart your passion. Don’t worry; it’s still not too difficult. Here are three basic rules for you to make the right call on your layout blind:

Select The Right Blind:

Indeed, that’s the one you’ve wanted the most but is it the right one for you? There are many different blinds out there and selecting one that fits your needs is crucial. If you find a store that has an excellent display of blinds, you can go and try them out as many times as you want before you go ahead with your purchase. Ensure that it’s physically comfortable. If you’re a passionate hunter, we’d suggest that pay a little less attention to the price. A good blind will pay you off in the long run.

Practice, Practice And Practice:

Once you have picked up the right blind for yourself, the next step would be to practice shooting from it. We would say that practice taking it to places and adjust yourself to it. Just because you think that it’s easy to set it up in your garage or basement, it doesn’t mean that it’s the same when the temperature is zero degrees, and it’s pitch black. Set it up as many times as you think that you are just meant to be in it, and you no more need any instructions. Also, try taking it up in all temperatures. Shooting clay targets off your porch is one thing while sitting for hours and waiting for birds to arrive from the blind is an entirely different thing.

Mud vs Snow:

Finally, muddy it up! Mix it up with clay, mud and dirt then knock the dried dirt off to see how it works. Another little snippet is to cover the blind with snow. To your surprise, snow is an excellent insulator. Some blinds, with their warming technology, helps to keep you warm throughout the session.

Ways To Hide You Blind Right:

Although the blind is enough to cover you, some fields are clear-cut, leaving tiny bushes behind. Here’s how you can hide:

Ghillie Suit: If you’re not too familiar with a ghillie suit, we are here to explain. It’s basically a shirt, a pant and a hat with all other fake leaves and grass that covers every inch. Mostly, snipers use it in wars to hide from enemies while in a jungle. In the case of hunting, a ghillie is all you need to lay on the ground for total concealment. When your prey arrives, sit up and get into action.

Dig in: Dig into the dirt to find your layout blind. However, you may need to take some permission from the landowner before digging any holes. Note that ducks and geese usually flare off when chasing a low-cut field is that they see the heightened profile of your blind contrasted with whatever remains of the area. This knock can make them watchful making them flare off well before you motivate them an opportunity to shoot them.

Black Spray Paint: An alternative to either of the options mentioned above is to use some black spray paint to your layout blind to make it look closer to a mud color. However, this is more of a permanent solution for the ones who are determined of hunting in muds and dirt fields rather than snow or anything else. Even if you spray it black, make sure to smear some dirt and mud from the area over and on the blind to get the perfect color.

Mud up: If you have tried option #2 but the landowner will not provide permission to dig a hole, then all you could do is mud up against your layout blind. This is almost the best solution you can ever get to match the look of your blind to the field. Keep a pair of plastic gloves handy to bring in the mud and smear it over your blind until it is complete.

DIY Layout Blind:

In case of hunting equipment, there’s no alternative to a brand-new factory made one, but if you prefer to make one for yourself, then here is a suggestion: use PVC pipes. In fact, by doing so, you would be building a boat blind instead of a layout blind.

PVC pipe duck blinds are affordable and can be easily constructed accordingly. You need to glue the parts together to prevent them from dismantling. You need a PVC pipe, an elbow fitting, 11T fittings, glue and pins, hay, zip ties, camo netting measuring tape and other concealing materials to create the blind. The height and length depending on your height and the nature of the terrain that you intend to hunt. Typically, experts advise that using 2″ PVC pipes would suffice as they are robust and can survive any weather conditions.

Things To Look For When Buying Best Layout Blinds:

  • Mobility:

Most layout blinds are about 35 pounds, and they are easily able to fold and fit into cars and small areas. They even come with carry-straps that make it easier to carry it with you. With its lightweight aluminium and steel materials, there’s no need to worry about taking it anywhere. In fact, this is what makes it easy to transport the blind to and from the hunting fields. The fact that the blind is portable is an advantage for you to readjust to different hunting situations. You need to lift it up and take it from place to place.

  • Concealment Factor:

The main job of the blind is to conceal you entirely and make you altogether unnoticeable to animals when you go hunting. High-quality layout blinds come with high-resolution camo patterns in addition to some specific models designed for the application. There are a number of models to choose from – that depends on the environment where you will be hunting. Some patterns are crop-specific, which means that they match fields planted with crops. Some even come in khaki colors and work best in tilled fields. Also, there are corn and wheat stubble patterns designed for complete concealment in its respective areas.

  • Easy To Use:

Your blind should offer maximum concealment. However, it won’t make much of a difference if they are not easy to hunt your prey from. The best blinds will provide you with an easy time while you shoot your target. Some of them even come with a mesh screen over your area. Through the screen, it becomes easy to look in the direction you want, and it also makes it easier to target as well as monitor it while remaining hidden from it.

  • Comfort:

Hunting is nothing but a waiting game. You need to spend long hours while trying to figure out where your target is and if others are approaching the same direction. As you wait, you need to spend almost an entire day. If your blind is not able to provide much comfort, then it’s not for you. In other words, the comfort level should be similar to that of your bed. When the environment where you dig in is excellent, you’ll find yourself having a significant focus on the animal you are willing to hunt and proliferate your chances of shooting it.

  • Sturdy, Long-lasting And Waterproof:

Make sure that the fabric that your layout blind has is thick and durable enough to last you through severe weather conditions where you’ll be hunting. Nonetheless, the materials and structure should be 100% waterproof to guard you against the strong wind, just in case, the environment starts getting cold, windy, rainy or stormy while you are in there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a layout blind used for?

A layout blind is mainly used for hunting duck and geese or birds in the open spaces where there is no option to hide. In the open crop field or green field e.g. sandbars, rice fields, coastal islands, pond edges, etc. many seasonal birds come on to feed themselves.

Q: How to shoot from the layout blind?

Before going to shoot from the layout blind, you should practice shooting from a sitting position. Practice shooting in the off-seasons. But if you are already skilled in shooting, then ok.

Select a suitable space in the field from where you will be able to target the birds easily. Because it is not possible to move around from the sitting position. Keep in mind that, a left-handed hunter cannot move his gun on the left side properly. Similarly, a right-handed person cannot move his gun on the right side. So, position your blind in a suitable manner depending on your shooting style.

After proper blind positioning, get into it and make sure that you are covered properly. When it is time to fire, bend your knees backward to increase the motion range.

Q: What are the advantages of a layout blind?

There are many advantages of a layout blind. And the main advantages are the followings:

  • It’s portable and easy to carry so that you can hunt in different places
  • Enable a hunter to hunt in the open places where there are no chance to be covered
  • As it can be placed anywhere you want, it increases the chances to get closer to the birds.

Q: What are the important features to check in a layout blind?

We have already given you touch on how to choose the best blind. From there, here are some most important features you should look into:

  • Durability: Make sure how long the blind will last. Yeah, it’s important to check the durability.
  • Comfortability: Maybe you have to wait till the birds come closer to you. Otherwise, the chances of losing the bullet will increase. Waiting for a long time covered with a layout blind can cause back pain. That’s why you should pick up a comfortable blind.
  • Lightweight: Of course the blind should be lightweight for easy carrying. Then you will be able to carry it anywhere.
  • Waterproof: It’s also another important feature for positioning on wet surfaces.

Q: How to hide the layout blind in short grass?

On the plain land where there is no long grass, you have to dig into the soil and put the layout blind carefully to conceal yourself properly. Spread out some straw on and around the blind. Fake ducks or birds are available in the market. You can leave them around and wait for the birds.

Final Words:

The advancements in the design of the layout blinds guarantee you that your hunting expedition is going to be great. We hope that our list of the best and unique layout blinds exceeded your expectations. From the ones that we’ve listed, it comes with different camouflage patterns that totally match the hunting environments. Plus, the relatively lightweight designs make it the best for you to transfer it from places to places when necessary.

We ensure that the blinds mentioned above will provide you with what the pit blind does. These are blinds that are a must-have for your next hunting trip. Make sure to choose the best layout blind that suits your needs. Trust us; you’ll never look back!

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