Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Jackets to Keep You Warm This Season

During hunting expeditions, nothing is as efficient as a perfectly warm, waterproof, and durable hunting jacket. They are the perfect companions for any type of activity during hunting.

However, with the overwhelming number of hunting jackets out there in the market, it surely is difficult to pick the appropriate one.

But you need not sweat as today we bring for you some of the best cold weather bow hunting jackets in the market. Keep on scrolling down in order to choose the best pick.

Comparison Chart For Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Jacket

Image Product Details   Price
backpac New View Hunting Jacket For winter Color: 3rd Generation Camo Leaf/Reeds/Tree
Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and 3X-Large
Check Price
ReFire Gear Men’s Soft Shell Outdoor Jacket For Cold Weather Color: Tree Cemo, Cp, Ucp, Black, Leaf Cemo,
Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 34W x 30L, 38W x 32L, 40W x 32L
Check Price
cordlessblower Legendary Whitetails Men’s Reflextac Jacket Color: Big Game 360
Size:  Small, Medium, Large, Large Tall, X-Large, X-Large Tall, XX-Large, XX-Large Big Tall
Check Price
cordlessblower EHG Elite Berber Fleece Camo Hunting Jacket Color: Mo Break Up Country, Mo Bottomland, Mo Mountain Country
Size:  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
Check Price
cordlessblower SITKA Men’s Quiet Insulated Hunting Jacket For Coldest Weather Color: Optifade Elevated Ii
Size:  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and 3X-Large
Check Price
cordlessblower Mossy Oak Sherpa 2.0 Camo Men Hunting Jacket For Light Winter Color: Break-up Country, Bottomland, Country Dna, Original Treestand
Size:  Medium, Large, X-Large, 3X-Large, 2X and 3X
Check Price

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6 Best Bow Hunting Jacket For Cold Weather

Hunting in extreme weather conditions requires safety gear and a jacket is the top priority for cold and rainy weather conditions. A low-quality jacket is enough to ruin your days! That’s why we have picked the top-level jackets that will suit you in hunting.

As your well-wisher, we have also covered this article with buying guides at the end of the review section. That will guide you in choosing your best fit.

Let’s dive into the reviews?

Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Jacket

1. New View Hunting Jacket For winter

The first one we have is this camouflage hunting jacket manufactured from the brand “New View”. They have a wide range of sizes ranging from small, medium, large, X-large, XX-Large, and 3X-Large.

This zipper closeable jacket is made up of 100% polyester material. This feature allows the jacket to be quite sound-reducing. Not only that, it also enables it to be water-resistant along with being windproof. However, this fabric doesn’t compensate for being comfortable for the users as they have really soft inner linings which keep the warmth intact.

One of the most significant changes of this improved jacket is the huge number of pockets in it. It has a total of 11 pockets which are placed in positions where necessary. There are pockets like large packets, kangaroo pockets, and even four zipped pockets. All these are placed in positions where they will be proved as most efficient.


  • Ultra-quiet material
  • Camouflage pattern
  • Removable hoodie
  • Zipper compartments
New View Hunting Jacket for winter

Why Should You Buy This?

This Winter Jacket is perfect for the outdoors which enables you to utilize this in cases of shooting, military training, hiking, camping, fishing, and even off-road. Plus point, the material of this jacket allows it to reduce the sound produced so that the surrounding is not interrupted while hunting.

As this is a three-piece outfit, therefore, it is easier to take off the parts. For instance, if you are feeling too hot then you will be able to take off the hoodie without having to take off the entire outfit.

Why Should You Not Buy This?

There are air vents inserted in this jacket which might allow the air to get into the warmth of your body, this, in turn, might cause you to feel uneasy while hunting. Moreover, the stitching is not very strong so it doesn’t hold well sometimes.

2. ReFire Gear Men’s Soft Shell Outdoor Jacket For Cold Weather

Next, we bring to you another one of those camouflage jackets from the well-known brand ReFire Gear. Considering all people, this one has many size options but even more. You will be provided with sizes of small, medium, large, X-Large, XX-Large, 34WX30L, 38W X32L, and lastly 40WX32L.

The zipper-closed feature adds value for money. The outer shelling is made up of materials like 94% polyester, 6% spandex, and 100% polyester lining. All these features enable the jacket to be 100% waterproof and windproof. The list continues, as this jacket is also 45 mph wind-standing. This ensures that the cold air doesn’t get to your body.

In case, you will have a two-way zipper for air circulation. If that wasn’t satisfying enough, the manufacturers also offer the users plenty of pockets that are located under the arm vent zippers.

And this brings blessings for you during winter hunting adventures.


  • Camouflage pattern
  • Medium weight
  • Rollup hood
  • Adjustable wrist cuff
  • Morale patches
ReFire Gear Men's Soft Shell Outdoor Jacket for Cold Weather

Why Should You Buy This?

This is a multi-functional jacket which means that it is usable during various activities like climbing, camping, hiking, traveling, paintballing shooting, and as the manufacturers claim, even as casual clothes!

The camouflage pattern allows you to get mixed up with the surrounding woods. As this is a medium-weight jacket therefore it is quite easy to carry around.

Why Should You Not Buy This?

It is not soundproof or sound-reducing therefore it will prove to be quite noisy when in use. Also, it might not be as warming as the hunters would prefer in the winter season but this varies hugely from individual to individual.

3. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Reflextac Jacket

Another one of the best hunting jackets for cold weather is this camouflage jacket made by the well-off company Legendary Whitetails. As you might have already noticed, this one is also a camouflage jacket like the other ones which allows you to stay hidden.

It comes with a wide range of sizes which range from small, medium, large, large tail, X-large, X-large tall, XX-large, XX-large big tall, and 3X-large big. You will be allowed the privilege to choose the correct size for your body type from all these sizes.

This jacket can be taken off or put on easily with the help of zipper closures. There is the addition of the two-way zippers which provide much more efficiency and better control over your piece of clothing.

As a warmth guaranteed jacket, it is made up of polyester which is then stuffed with inner paddings. This built-in heavy-duty padding system allows the jacket to be a safer option for hunters when compared to normal jackets. The material of the jacket allows it to be sound-proof.


  • Waterproof
  • Removable hood
  • No noise
  • Integrated padding
Legendary Whitetails Men's Reflextac Jacket

Why Should You Buy This?

This winter jacket is one of the warmest jackets out there as it provides continuous warmth due to the padded system. Along With being warm, it is also very breathable which means that hunters won’t have to suffocate anymore due to extreme insulated conditions of their jackets.

Why Should You Not Buy This?

The jacket is not completely soundproof as the zippers produce quite a lot of sound which might disturb your prey or surroundings while hunting. Sometimes, this jacket gets almost too warm for the hunters’ likings.

4. EHG Elite Berber Fleece Camo Hunting Jacket

Up next, on our list for the best waterproof hunting jacket, we have this beautiful Berber Fleece Winter Jacket manufactured from the world-recognized company EHG Elite. Like the other options in our list, this one is also an efficient camouflage jacket.

However, it has more to offer to the users in the color selection part than the others. You will be able to choose between colors titled Mo Break up County, Mo Bottomland, and lastly, Mo Mountain Country. The size range is a little small compared to the previous one as it offers the users with the following sizes: Small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large.

The company claims that this jacket is great for dealing with cold weather due to its 100% polyester material. Furthermore, it also has a Sherpa fleece-lined collar which elevates the warmth to a whole nother level.

Not to forget, this jacket also consists of the DWR water repellent finish which allows it to be 100% waterproof. This well-designed jacket also has a fully adjustable waist hem which is covered with a safety harness keeping your injuries in mind during the hunting expedition.


  • 3 types of camo color
  • 100% polyester
  • Zippered hand warming pockets
  • Zippered chest storage
  • Fully adjustable waist hem
EHG Elite Berber Fleece Camo Hunting Jacket

Why Should You Buy This?

This jacket consists of the Scent-Slayer scent control which mainly is the advanced silver ion technology. This simply means that this will erase your bodily scents making you difficult to track by predators during hunting. This feature precisely concentrates on the hunting part making it one of the best cold weather bow hunting jackets.

Why Should You Not Buy This?

This jacket doesn’t come along with a hoodie which means that you will have to carry additional wind and waterproof cap or hoodie with you. Other than that, it does produce a bit of sound while moving as it is not soundproof.

5. SITKA Men’s Quiet Insulated Hunting Jacket For Coldest Weather

The SITKA brand has brought into the market one of the best cold weather hunting jackets in the market. This jacket is designed to face every hunter’s worst nightmare which is the late winter.

In order to protect the users from the fierce weather, the designers have included a Windstopper Technology which prevents the wind from entering into your body. Not only that, there are the additions of the hand muff which has been lined in Berber fleece which also provides extra warmth to your body. The advanced high-loft Berber fleece also allows the jacket to be as silent as possible.

In fact, there is a single feature for prevailing the sound from spreading which is the ultra-quiet Gore-Tex Infinium. As the name suggests this enables this comfortable winter jacket to be as quiet as humanly possible. This, in turn, cuts off the audible engagement instance so as not to interrupt any prey.


  • Ultra silent
  • Diagonal zip design
  • Grunt tube
  • Torso-mounted harness
SITKA Men's Quiet Insulated Hunting Jacket for Coldest Weather

Why Should You Buy This?

If you are looking for a jacket for the coldest part of the world, then this is it. This jacket, unlike many other winter jackets, involves the PrimaLoft Silver Hi-Loft Ultra Insulation. This allows the jacket to support you through the coldest days during hunting.

Why Should You Not Buy This?

This jacket only has a withdrawal factor which is the price tag that it bears. It is comparatively much more expensive than the other jackets. This jacket might also not be good for deer hunting as it might generate a really inadequate level of noise which the deer might be sensitive to.

6. Mossy Oak Sherpa 2.0 Camo Men Hunting Jacket For Light Winter

We have picked another fleece jacket for hunting in the light winter. This one made by the company Mossy Oak is actually made up of micro-fleece fabric. This fabric enables the jacket to be too soft to the touch alongside being durable.

Not to forget, the inner lining is lined with Sherpa fleece which provides the most warmth during winter. If that doesn’t satisfy your demands then the stretchable structure will absolutely will although this jacket has various sizes. It also stretches to fit efficiently.

It’s essential to mention that this jacket ensures full storage capacity with the aid of its various pockets. There are hand pockets and two chest pockets. This allows you to make your essentials at the tip of your hands.


  • 4 different camouflage patterns.
  • 390 grams clothing
  • Full-zip
  • Polyester inner cuff
  • Thumbhole
  • Built-in safety harness
Mossy Oak Sherpa 2.0 Camo Men Hunting Jacket for Light Winter

Why Should You Buy This?

This jacket can easily be paired up with any type of clothes. You will receive all the basic properties that are significant in any winter jacket like waterproof, windproof, and even sound reducing. Even the price is also reasonable making it one of the top picks in the market!

Why Should You Not Buy This?

This jacket is not too good at handling very rough wintery climates like the previous one. This is not a perfect solid warm base for your hunting expeditions.

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Buying Guides: How To Choose The Bow Hunting Jacket For Cold Weather

Now that we are done with product reviews on the best cold weather bow hunting jacket, it’s important to recognize the individual factors. Why? Well, this will help you form your own decisions instead of only relying on the reviews provided.

Note down the features that you might think are required by you and add them to the mandatory ones to make the best winter jacket purchase of your life!

Don’t worry as we are here to help you out with this buying guide! Here we have stormed down some to the important factors that can’t be overlooked:


Here’s the deal: If your cold-weather jacket is not waterproof then you have to suffer a lot. Fortunately, for you, most of the winter jackets are meant to be waterproof. They are mostly manufactured from 100% polyester and other waterproof materials to provide them with the 100% waterproof feature.

But why does your winter jacket need to be waterproof? In nature nothing is predictable. If you are planning on going on a trip relying on luck then we must say that you are up for some watery mess. To prevent that from happening, you should always look for a waterproof jacket. If suddenly, it starts raining you will not be stuck in your vehicle or lose your prey off your sight.


A majority of people tend to think that all waterproof jackets are windproof but it’s not the case every time. Therefore, if you are looking for something to withstand the rain then look out for windproof features. Most cold-weather jackets have features or technologies that allow the jacket to stand up to heavy winds. You might catch a cold otherwise.

Surely you don’t want to catch a cold while hunting! Right?


One of the most significant features without a doubt is the warmth of the jacket. As you are looking for jackets for winter hunting then you need to ensure complete warmth. There’s no place for compromise here.

The materials mainly control this factor. Look for materials like polyester for ensuring warmth. Not only that, additional padding or wool placement in the jacket can also aid in keeping the jacket warm. Look for insulating materials to prevail radiation or conduction of your body heat.


When talking about hunting, another important thing to look out for is not grabbing much attention to yourself. This is because if your prey senses your presence it will be far more difficult for you to carry on your expedition. In order to avoid that the brands are coming up with soundproof jackets.

These jackets are made up of materials that prevent sound from being produced or even involve specialized ions that decrease the sound energy produced. The less the sound, the safer and easier it will be for you. If you choose a quiet jacket for yourself then you will be able to move around without putting much attention on yourself. You might want to search through the labels to grab yourself one!


It’s no surprise that animals are great at tracking scents. Once your prey sniffs your presence in the woods or nearby its habitat then it is sure to escape from your hands. Scents can be covered with the aid of various ways but one of the efficient ones is to get yourself a scent-free jacket.

These jackets include the materials that eliminate your scent making you absolutely untraceable by the animals.


It is obvious that the less the weight of your jacket the easier it will be to carry on your body during hunting. Most jackets are lightweight therefore you won’t have much trouble getting one. However, try to choose a jacket that is much lighter than the others.

The lightweight jackets allow you to move swiftly and run after your prey without compromising speed. Not only that, but this also allows you to enjoy the warm comfort. They are easy to put and remove from your body.

Zippered Pockets:

Most winter jackets or hunting jackets, in general, have a huge number of pockets. These pockets can be used as a great place for storage. From bullets to safety equipment, most pockets can hold it. However, some pockets are also zippered! Yes! These pockets are specially designed to save your valuable hunting possessions from the snow.

Removable Parts:

Some jackets do come along with many other useful components which mostly include hoodies, gloves, and sleeves. These parts are detachable sometimes. This allows the hunter to remove it anytime without going through the hassle of undressing the entire jacket. These additional parts also make it easier to pair up caps and gloves without having to carry extra ones.


Q-1: How Often Should I Wash My Hunting Jacket?

Answer: You should wash your jacket and other hunting clothes after every time you hunt. While hunting, it is sure that you sweat and the clothes get scented. These odorous clothes will help the prey to notice you next time you go hunting.

But if the weather is cool enough and you don’t sweat, then you can leave your jacket outside to air-dry. It will eliminate light odors. 

Q-2: How Can I Make My Hunting Jacket Scent-Free?

Answer: You can use baking soda to make your gears and hunting jacket scent-free. To eliminate odor, it is a great option.

To make the jacket completely odor-free, use 150-250 gm baking soda directly with the detergent. 

Q-3: What Type of Detergent Should You Use to Clean Your Jacket?

Answer: Surely scent-free detergent is the ideal choice for washing hunting gears and jackets. Only scent-free detergent is not enough. You must be sure that the detergent contains no brighteners as well. Actually, many detergents contain UV brighteners to make the cloth bright which is detectable to the animals. 

So, use detergent which is specially made for washing military clothes or hunting clothes.

Q-4: How to Store Your Hunting Jacket during the Off-Season?

Answer: During the off-season, store your bow hunting winter jacket carefully so that you can use the jacket again in the next season. Before storing your jacket, wash it with detergent and make the jacket odor-free. 

After washing, let the jacket dry thoroughly. It will be better if you can dry it under the sun. Then fold the jacket carefully and pack it with the container or bag. Make sure that the container or pack is completely dry and odor-free.

Now put some deodorizer with the winter hunting jacket. It will keep the jacket odor-free over the year. As a deodorizer, you can use either Cedar Blocks or Scent Wafers.

Q-5: What Are the Best Deodorizers for Bow Hunting Jackets? 

There are hundreds of deodorizer you will find on the market. From them, we can recommend you to buy some of the best and natural deodorizer.

Here are the top 3 best deodorizer you can check for:

  1. Hunters Specialties Cover Scent Wafers
  2. Hunters Specialties Fresh Earth Scent Wafers (Pack of 9 Wafers)
  3. Cedar Hyde Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage

Wrapping Up!

To wrap this entire review on the best waterproof hunting jacket, let’s just say that the entire process depends on you. You have all the knowledge necessary to make the right investment in winter jackets.

So what are you waiting for? Keep all the features ticked correctly and you are all ready to march towards the forests! Happy hunting!

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