Best Badminton Racket for Intermediate Player: A Comprehensive Guide

Keep calm and smash hard, serve you for nothing but the bird. Such kind of scenario might happen only if you own that one weapon. The racket. This is something that can either make you win or lose. So, it becomes a must that you have a perfect racket to conquer the game. And even if you lack one, it won’t cost much to get one. So, to help you out, we have compiled 6 best badminton rackets for an intermediate players that you can give one a try to show your worth. And those 6 wonders are:

6 Best Badminton Racket For Intermediate Player

  • COMBO SET YONEX Badminton
  • BSN Badminton Racquet (Prism Pack)
  • Franklin Sports Player Replacement Set
  • Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets
  • Champion Sports Double Steel Frame
  • Franklin Sports 2 Player LED Rackets
Badminton Racket for Intermediate Player

1. COMBO SET YONEX Badminton

A badminton is such a weapon that can either make or break your pitch. You will need something that will be both durable and lightweight. That being said, it has to be sturdy enough to endure the abuse. And such racket is this one from Yonex.

It happens to be the best badminton racket for the intermediate players. It is great from smash and control and you will find it super lightweight with just 12 ounce weight.

The construction is impressive and it is able to last long even if you use it regularly.

A great thing about the brand selling such ideal rackets at such pocket friendly cost is that they put all their emphasis on just them. Even you will be able to get a set for about the same pricing range and it will not affect their quality.

This is a racket that is not only great for intermediate players but also ideal for beginners and you can check out Best Yonex badminton rackets to make a suitable options.

The whole racket has been made with steel so you can expect durability from them.

Since it comes in the set, so you will get two rackets with the cover.

Besides, you will get a pair of shuttles as well. Although they might be a little flimsy but still for the price they give their decent performance.

Speaking more of the gripe, the handle of the racket is another big minus about the product. It has a thin layer of grip around it for which the handle feels quite weak and might wear down as well.

✅✅  Thumbs up for: 
  • Set includes 2 rackets and 2 shuttles.
  • The rackets are well-built and durable.
  • Made with steel.
  • Very lightweight to hold.
  • Great for intermediate players.
  • Comes with a bag.
❌ ❌  Thumbs down for:
  • The shuttle is flimsy and does not last long.
  • The handle has a thin layer of grip that can wear down quickly.

2. BSN Badminton Racquet (Prism Pack)

You might have a big group of enthusiasts who happen to jump up as soon as they hear you saying the word badminton. But what if you have the racket and your friends don’t. Getting yourself a set might give you about 2 rackets to the max, but what will you do if you find a brand that offers more rackets in the set at just minimal cost? Obviously, you will grab them right?

So, this is what BSN Sports is doing. It is offering a set of 6 rackets and that too in different colors. Not only the rackets look vibrant but they also feel sturdy to help you be a pro.

Each of them has steelhead that comes with twin shaft so it can hold up to rough game well.

The grip with vinyl polyurethane is able to deliver a stronghold while you serve and return each shot.

As for the strings, the racket has been strung with nylon and it manages to make the shuttle bounce like a pro.

The only problem with the product is that the black tape around the handle happens to move so it will be better if you leave the plastic on. However, it is still not a big deal if you look at the perks.

So, if you think you need the best badminton racket for intermediate player, you can take this set into consideration.

BSN Badminton Racquet (Prism Pack)
✅✅  Thumbs up for:
  • Set includes 6 rackets.
  • The grip is able to offer stronghold.
  • Steelhead comes with twin shaft.
  • Comes in 6 colors.
  • Racket has been strung well.
  • Great for intermediate.
❌ ❌  Thumbs down for:
  • Black tape might wear down quickly.
  • Does not include any other thing in the set.

3. Franklin Sports Player Replacement Set

The Racket is a kind of a weapon in the badminton sport. So if anything happens to the weapon, it surely becomes a bad news.

Hence, it gets necessary to have it replaced as soon as you can. For this, you can consider getting one from the Franklin Sports as replacement.

The racket does not only have all the qualities of being the best but also has sturdiness to charm you all. It has been constructed with metallic strings so you can expect it to smash the shuttle splendidly.

Besides, the handle of the racket has a smooth grip that neither slips nor makes any move. And the best plus is that the racket has been constructed with tempered steel so it is likely to be very durable.

You will find it lightweight as well to hold. And for the intermediate as well as for the beginners, it’s a big plus to have.

The set is reasonably pocket-friendly and anyone can have it. However, there are some cheap parts as well but that will not matter if you look at the bright side.

There will be two rackets and two shuttles from the set so you can even share one with your opponent.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that, as it is a kind of a replacement racket so there are chances of the strings to get worn out. And you can the same for shuttles as well since the feathers are plastic and they might not last long.

Even so, the racket is capable of winning your trust because in this budget friendly cost, it is somewhat tough to find such high-quality racket as this one.

Franklin Sports Player Replacement Set
✅✅  Thumbs up for: 
  • Great for intermediate players.
  • Well-built and sturdy construction as a replacement.
  • The threads are metal.
  • Set includes 2 rackets and 2 shuttles.
  • Handles have smooth grip.
  • Very affordable.
  • Very lightweight to hold.
❌ ❌  Thumbs down for: 
  • Shuttles might not last long.
  • Strings might get torn.

4. Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets

Keep yourself shush and let your racket do the talking. Because with this, you will be able to prove what you are capable of. And if you want such racket that will help you prove it, the perfect option will this racket from the brand Senston.

Once you have it for yourself, it is going to take your game to another level. Because not only it is the best badminton racket for intermediate player but also the best mate in the field.

In the set, you will get 2 rackets basically, one in yellow and one in red. Both the rackets have been designed with T-joint style inside and one-piece design outside. The rackets are stable as well as heavy-duty just like the way you want. Albeit you might feel some vibration after each smash which makes it a con. But that’s pardonable.

However, you will find two shuttles as well with the set. They come in this vibrant neon yellow color that makes it really easy to see. The only problem is that the corks are not real feathers. They are rather plastic. But if you look at the positive side, the shuttles still manage to give decent performance and it will be a great matter for intermediate players.

The handle has a very good grip and it tends to stick well to the hand. So, the having the best output is ensured.

Excluding the rackets and shuttles, you will get a cover as well to stuff them inside and carry to the spot. Not only that, you will get two overgrips also that you can utilize for adjusting the grip according to your preference.

However, the set has been meant to be used by both intermediate players and beginners. But it won’t really be a great choice for adults.

Senston - 2 Player Badminton Racquets
✅✅  Thumbs up for: 
  • Set includes 2 rackets and 2 shuttles.
  • Racket weighs light.
  • Handle grips well.
  • Well-built and great construction.
  • Set includes overgrip and badminton cover.
❌ ❌  Thumbs down for:
  • Not for adults.
  • Feather shuttles would have been better instead of plastic.

5. Champion Sports Double Steel Frame

Hit your opponent by giving your best shot with this best badminton racket for intermediate player from Champion Sports.

If you think you are yet to show your best then make it happen with this excellence. Although it comes all alone without any set or bag, it still manages to perform the best to make you observe your best shot.

The brand has built both the shaft and frame with tempered double steel. And the racket has been strung with nylon so well that it smashes the shuttles pretty hard.

The handle has a dimpled leather grip and yes it is going to grip well.

But just like most of the products, it too has its share of a drawback. And don’t worry you will have only one complaint. And that is, you won’t like its heaviness. Although heavy rackets are great for increasing stability yet if you are used to playing with lighter rackets, it might not be an ideal pick. Other than this, you will still find it the best.

Champion Sports Double Steel Frame
✅✅  Thumbs up for: 
  • Well-built and durable for double steel material.
  • Strung with nylon that ensures durability.
  • Handle grips well.
❌ ❌  Thumbs down for: 
  • Does not come with any set or bag.
  • It feels quite heavy to hold.

6. Franklin Sports 2 Player LED Rackets

Strength happens to live in the mind of champs, and badminton lives in the hand of them. And if you think you want to be a champion as well then you should go and grab this best badminton racket for intermediate player.

This is yet another entry from Franklin Sports and it gives the same performance like the other one.

Play it with uniqueness because the rackets come with green LED lights. Not only that, even the shuttles have this LED features as well that make them glow in low light condition. So even if you want to play after evening, you can play.

The LED will stay lit for hours and you will get batteries with the set as well. There is an on and off switch so that it can maximize the battery life.

However, the only issue is that the shuttles are not strong enough like the rackets are. But still, they can manage to entertain the players well.

Franklin Sports 2 Player LED Rackets
✅✅  Thumbs up for:
  • Great for intermediate players.
  • Great to play after evening for the light.
  • The rackets are durable and well-built.
  • Both the rackets and the shuttles come with green lights.
  • On and off switch for maximizing battery life.
  • The light can stay lit for hours.
  • Set includes 2 rackets and 2 shuttles.
  • You will get batteries with the set.
❌ ❌  Thumbs down for: 
  • The light can result in distraction.
  • The shuttles are a little flimsy.

The Buying Guide For Best Badminton Racket For Intermediate Player

Factors To Chase Down:

Best Badminton Racket for Intermediate Player


Technically, the weight of the racket is denoted by U. So, if a racket is 3U, it means it weighs around 85g to 90g. And if the racket is 4U, it means the racket comes with a weight of around 80g to 84g. So, the bigger the number, the lighter the weight.

For the beginners and doubles players, 4U is a great option to start with. It offers more speed to the game that helps the players to get a hold of the game quickly. Besides, light rackets possess a lot of perks. They come with quick stroking speed and recovery. Hence, you can deliver quicker serves and shift to different strokes with ease. Not only that, but 4U rackets also reduce the chance of injuries since they are easier on the shoulders and wrist.

When it comes to the 3U option, it is a great range for players of intermediate and pro level. It’s because such range deliver more weight without impacting the balance that ensures more steadiness and balance at the price of lesser speed.


Head heavy balance: Head heavy rackets are famous among the players who love playing a rigorous game. Such rackets help boost the power of their smashes and clears as it has mass in the head. Since such kinds of shots are vital to the players who want to produce lengthy clears consistently, head heavy rackets become a must have in this case.

Head light balance: Rackets with the lighter head are more ideal for players who play in the double format usually. One of the perks of having a headlight racket is, its frame as well as frame have way lesser mass so it will be easy for the players to control and swing. If you want to play fast and attacking game, and if you have a good hold of swing speed, then you can opt for such rackets.

Even Balance: Even balance rackets are meant to offer a mid-ground between both the head-light and head-heavy racquets. They can give you power from the back and control from the front. Such kind of rackets is great for players who are new to badminton because it helps them grow an all-around game.


Stiffer one: Stiff shaft comes with less repulsion, It has to be counteracted with more powerful swings. So, it is not suggested for players who are new but if you are an intermediate player, you can go for it. Although the power output can be lesser, the stiff shaft is quite faster. If you wish to have faster attacks and serves, then this makes a great choice.

Flexible: Flexible shaft is great for beginners since they don’t need to focus on producing power that can make them focus on the skill. The repulsion is much better and it will let you deliver better clears as well.

Tension Of Strings:

The positioning of the strings is also an important factor to chase down while looking for a racket. You need to ensure the tension of the strings in accordance with your level of aptitude. It will be wise if you opt for a measurement of 16 to 20 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What will be ideal for intermediate players when it comes to the weight range of the racket?

A: A 3U racket comes with a range of 85g to 90g and such range is great for players who are at intermediate level. It’s because a 3U racket can provide more weight without impacting the balance. And it guarantees more steadiness and balance at the price of low speed.

Q: What do bigger sized and smaller sized grips offer?

A: Bigger sized grips offer tighter feel so that the players can produce more power. In contrast, smaller grips offer more maneuverability.


It is vital to all the players that they get an ideal badminton racket that can help them develop their skill and experience. If you have the right weapon, then it won’t take much time to be a pro. For this, we have gathered 6 best for them as they have managed to impress the players well in the field. And check out best badminton racket for beginners reviews if you are beginners.


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