Badminton Service Rules

Badminton was a game first played in the 19th century, introduced in the world games by 1981. Badminton itself is played with a racquet and a shuttlecock; the racquet is used to hit the shuttlecock across the badminton court which is a total of 44 ft. When the shuttlecock reaches the other court crossing a total of 20 ft or depending on where the service is made from, it is known as a rally, the rally is over when the shuttlecock is dropped by either of the opponents playing with each other.

Types Of Gameplays In Badminton

While one game is being played, there are only 2 or either 4 players are allowed on the court, and this only includes people who are playing in the game and are actively involved in the game. These games involve singles (with their respective genders), Doubles (again with respective genders) and last but not least the Mix doubles. In this site of gameplay, there are a total of 4 players with both genders on each side who play opposite to each other i.e. there is a woman and a man playing opposite to another team of a woman and a man.

Badminton Service Rules

Service Rules And Usage Of Court Lines

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The court itself has multiple different lines that are made to differentiate between the gameplay of doubles and singles matches.

Serving means to hit the shuttlecock with the racquet and get it across the floor to the opponent’s court, in badminton, there are multiple rules made for the players to follow which ensure that, the person serving does not have an advantage to the game.

The entire play to this is the lines that specify where the person who is serving has to stand and where the receiver needs to be.

The server needs to be sure that, he is standing in the line of the box, which is provided on his end, meaning the line in the center, which parts the court into two boxes is made for identifying serving positions. And in the singles game, the person serving has a longer court as compared to doubles which have a rather wider and shorter court since they use the forward backline to stand in the court while serving.

In the single match, the server needs to stand in a diagonally opposite side of the court; this may be the right court or the left. The same goes for the opponent. They will need to make sure that they are standing in the opposite court. The shuttlecock needs to cross the net and go in a cross manner, meaning from your left court to the right court in front of you. This applies to both of the circumstances which include the singles and doubles play.

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What Is Considered A Foul While Serving?

During service, the server must ensure that he is putting the shuttlecock below his last rib and is doing service with using his lower hand in an upwards direction, you cannot bounce the shuttlecock and hit it over to the opponent, service out of these specifics is a foul.

While serving until and unless the shuttlecock has not reached your side of the court, you are not allowed to hit it, the shuttlecock needs to cross the net. Under other circumstances, if these rules are broken, this may be considered a foul.

Moving outside of your own court before hitting the shuttlecock during service in both the receiving end and serving is a foul if the shuttle seems to be falling out of your reach and outside of the court the receiver can let the shuttlecock fall and this will end a rally and give a point to the person who served.

A double hit in the same play by the same player is not allowed. Hitting the shuttle twice while it is your turn to play will be considered a foul which

will give a point to your opponent.

While serving, if the shuttlecock gets stuck in the net and your opponent is unable to receive his turn, this will be considered a foul and instead of you getting a point your opponent will get a point since this is your incapability of getting the shuttle across to the other person’s court.

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Badminton Rackets For Intermediate Players

Badminton Rackets For Intermediate Players

If you do end up reading this, you are just beginning to take interest in this game and since a huge part of this game is the racket, I want to make sure you’re aware of what you need before starting out playing.

While choosing a Badminton racket for intermediate players, you need to be sure of the fact that it’s a light racquet with a good grip, considering inflation rates these rackets may be a little expensive but if kept right these will last you a long time.

The tension of the Gut in between the racket needs to be very tight and made of good quality nylon. If you have all of this information, you’re good to go for this sport.

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