Babolat Pure Strike 98 vs 100 [A Comprehensive look]

Racquets can be difficult to choose, especially if you’re a beginner in tennis. Not every racquet will give you the power or control you need. You’ll find many racquets lacking stability. Babolat being the oldest company provides fast and control-oriented racquets.

In Babolat Pure Strike 98 vs 100, our goal is to help you decide which one you should have. We are going to provide you with the specifications and key differences between them. It will surely help you to choose the best one as per your comfort.

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7 Key Specifications: Babolat 98 VS 100

Specification Babolat Pure Strike 98
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Babolat Pure Strike 100
Head Size98 in²100 in²
Length27 inch27 inch
Strung Weight11.3 oz. / 320 g11.1oz / 315 g
Balance12.8 inch / 32.5 cm12.99 inch / 32.99 cm
Swing Weight323319
Beam Width21mm / 23mm /21mm21mm / 23mm / 21mm
StiffnessAverage – 57% (66 RA)Average – 52% (65 RA)

5 Key Differences Between Babolat Pure Strike 98 And 100

Babolat pure strike 98 and 100 both have their best features, which can confuse you while buying. You might be asking which features to look for. So we’ve come up with Babolat pure strike 100 vs 98 comparisons, to answer your questions.

Here Are 5 Key Differences:

  1. The first thing that you’ll see is the head size. Babolat pure strike 100 is slightly bigger than Babolat pure strike 98. The head size is respectively 100 in² and 98 in².
  2. Talking about the strung weight, Babolat pure strike 98 comes at 11.3 oz. / 320 g and Babolat pure strike 100 weighs 11.1oz / 315 g.
  3. Babolat pure strike 98 comes in 323 swing weight, where Babolat pure strike 100 is only 319.
  4. Looking at the balance, Babolat pure strike 98 comes in at 12.8 inch / 32.5 cm, in comparison, Babolat pure strike 100 comes with a slight difference of 12.99 inch / 32.99 cm.
  5. Average stiffness of 98 is 57% where Babolat 100 is 52%.

An Inclusive Comparison With Guidance: Babolat Pure Strike 98 Vs 100 Tennis Racquet


Groundstrokes are fundamental shots in tennis. This is a forehand or backhand shot, which is executed after the ball once bounces on the court. Generally, it is hit from the back of the court, around the baseline.

There are two types of groundstrokes, forehand groundstrokes, and backhand groundstrokes.

Babolat pure strike 98:  You’ll have more powerful groundstrokes with Babolat Pure Strike 98. 323 swing weight makes it easy to swing the racquet. It’s spin-friendly and requires more control from the user.

You’ll get a combination of power, spin, and control, which will give you the confidence to go for a variety of shots from all areas of the court.

Babolat pure strike 100: The pure strike 100 gives you a bigger head but that doesn’t change its performance. You’ll have the great feel and control of this racquet like pure strike 98. But due to less swing weight, you might have less stability. This racquet is not as control-oriented as pure strike 98. As it’s quite maneuverable, you’ll generate lots of spin and pace on groundstroke.

Keynote: That being shown, the Babolat pure strike 98 wins for having more stability and amazing power, spin, and control. But if you like less swing weight then pure strike 100 is the best choice.


Volley is a quick and bold shot in the tennis game, where a player returns the ball before bouncing. Players generally perform volleys at the service line or closer to the net. You can get your opponent off guard because of the quick return and win a point.

There are six types of volleys: Punch volley, Drop volley, Block volley, Lob volley, Swinging volley, Half volley.

Babolat pure strike 98: Volleys are stable. This racquet performs positively well at the net. You’ll be impressed by the rock-solid stability with the Pure Strike 98 when directing the pace from the opponent. Off-center shots won’t make the racquet twist in hand.

Babolat pure strike 100: Having less weight can affect the performance. You might feel Babolat pure 98 is more power absorbent than pure strike 100.

On the bright side, this racquet is really nice up at the net with a good feel, good access to spin, and enough power to put away shots. You’ll be able to move effortlessly and have balance with pure strike 100.

Keynote: Babolat pure strike 98 gives more stability and power than pure strike 100.


A serve is always noteworthy as it says many things about the game. It is the starting point where the player hits the ball so it will fall into the obliquely opposite service box without being stopped by the net.

If you want the game in your favor, attempt for a good serve. Serves always boost your confidence. Serving strategically can give you the chance to score more points.

There are 4 types of serve. Flat serve, Slice serve, Kick serve, Underhand serve.

Babolat pure strike 98: When we’re talking about the serves it’s easy to say that it’s a BLAST. You’ll feel like anything was possible when serving with this Pure Strike 98, flattening out serves, loading up with spin, swinging fast, finding pinpoint precision. The open string pattern of this racquet gives it a little bit more power and spin.

Babolat pure strike 100: If you love control and precision on the serves then the pure strike 100 is easy to play with and gives you a consistently great feel to make you more confident. The spin is effective for serves. As serves is a tricky part but the pure strike 100 performs really well.

Keynote: In comparison, the pure strike 98 might be the better performer than 100.


Returns are also a valuable part of tennis. When the ball returns after the service, you have to respond quickly as you would get just a split second. Oftentimes, you can create pressure for your opponent through returns. Having a strategy might help you to gain some points and stop your opponent from earning points in their serves.

Babolat Pure Strike 98: If you’re an aggressive player then you certainly will fall in love with the Pure Strike 98, as it brings the heat on returns. The stable feel, controllable power, and fast-swinging nature will give you the pleasure of starting points on the return side.

Babolat Pure Strike 100: The blend of power, control, stability, and maneuverability is a tremendous fit. The drive returns have a solid pace and spin.

You’ll get some different angles on cross-court returns, and will be able to go higher over the net for more margin for error and still get the ball to drop in.

Keynote: Both the Babolat pure strike 98 and 100 performs really well in the terms of returns.


Beamwidth is another most significant aspect that refers to the thickness of a racquet. Beamwidth plays a very important role as it is an important notion which impacts the rigidity of the racket, the power, and the control. The standard size is considered approximately 22mm. The thinner the beam the more control you’ll have.

Babolat pure strike 98: The bandwidth of the Pure Strike 98 is 21mm/23mm/21mm that makes it an amazing racquet. It gives you more control and less power. This width is standard for any racquet.

Babolat pure strike 100: Babolat pure strike 100 also presents a standard beam width having 21mm / 23mm /21mm width.

Keynote: Both Babolat pure strike 98 and 100 have the same beamwidth, which makes them pretty amazing and suitable racquets to choose from.


Though there are slight differences between Babolat Pure Strike 98 and 100, they both are the perfect choice for intermediate and mid-level players. Both racquets really help you to perform well. As they have the same price range so their performance is the only thing that you should focus on.

You’ll have more power, control, and stability with Babolat pure strike 98 than pure strike 100.

In the end, I hope this article on Babolat Pure Strike 98 vs 100 review helps you to clear your confusion and choose the best one for you.

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